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We Vibe II

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better with time

by trampslikeus2 on May 4, 2011

This is a toy that you enjoy more the more you use it. Still a little snug with both a toy and penis inserted -- but when you don't want to concentrate and just want to play, it really does good work. the different pace settings work well to change the affect. Very glad I bought this!

great for partners

by twowetdogs on April 11, 2011

requires lots of lube

good if you like vibrations

by 2fun on March 2, 2011

my wife and I like more organic toys that dont vibe or shake or blink...for what it is ,its great.I like the vibrations ,my wife didnt. She is VERY sesitive on her clit and will most likely never be into vibe toys.So if you both like vibration and want a toy to share and use togeather get it.

Rock your world

by Nolaguy on February 5, 2011

I recently purchased several toys for a romantic get away. This is by far the best sex toy I have ever owned. My wife does not usually orgasm from penetration alone. However with this toy she had five orgasms while I was making love to her. I was trying to hang on and last longer, but the vibrations were getting to me too.


by Dixie on January 8, 2011

This product was really disappointing. It was hard to use the controls while using the vibe (thanks to the fact that the controls are on the vibe itself). It was pretty uncomfortable to wear, even with lots of lube. And the vibrations, even at the highest setting, were not intense enough to make any difference. I would say I barely felt it, really (and I am not desensitized or anything). My husband didn't like it either. I feel like we wasted $80. I wish there were a way to return it, but I'm sure this kind of product can't be returned.

Good Fun... but...

by Dave on January 7, 2011

We ordered this looking for that little extra stimulation for her during playtime sex... Fun - Yes, Will we keep using it - Yes occasionally... BUT, there were a couple of noteable downsides, it gets pretty hard to operate (change speeds / turn on or off) once it has some lube on it - the button is pretty hard to find and practically imposssible to change during sex without stopping and spoiling the momentum... and that while it worked well and stayed put in the missionary position it tended to slip out or move when things where turned around... forget using it doggy or cowgirl style without a hand to hold it in place... So anyway it was fun, and will get some use, but probably wont ever get replaced unless they can improve it just a bit...

We Vibe-alicious!

by Lola Pop on December 30, 2010

10 stars PLUS! Never have we experienced such a unique way of playing-got one for Christmas because my Santa said I was a really good girl! I LOVE MY NEW TOY~! So off we are inventing new and different ways to use it! Yayyyyyy!

This thing Rocks!

by L. Ross on November 28, 2010

I purchased the we-vibe after seeing one at Fantasy Fest in Key West. So glad that I did. I like it. My wife likes it. It really does take sex to a new level. I recommend that you buy one. Now.

This is amazing.

by The Mrs. on November 15, 2010

My Husband and I have been looking for a great toy to use in bed, and we just hadn't found one, until the Wevibe. We have tried glass, and rings, and other vibes, all were good, but none of them compare to the Wevibe. This toy is AMAZING. It's hands free which allows you and your partner to use your hands for other pleasures while giving you the same sensations as a vibe, but for him also! Now we both have something that we can use and enjoy simultaneously.

Better than they said it would be!

by JD on November 5, 2010

Yes! Ah - Ha! Right there! We both love this little contraption. It does it's job & stays out of the way.

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