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LELO Nea Vibrator

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by Clitgrl on December 8, 2011

I found this clit vibrator to not be as strong as other vibrators (ex. the rabbit part of 'the rabbit), and it makes a funny high-pitched noise which is hard to ignore. I guess if you blast the music it's all good, but if you're trying to be quiet or if you get distracted easily I find it's a big downside. I find I need a ton of clit stim and this Lelo just isn't fitting the bill.

Nea Rocked My World!

by Maleficent on March 23, 2011

I just bought the Nea Clitoral Vibrator by Lelo. It took one week to get to my house. It is so cute and tiny!! It's hard to really picture it from the photos, but it's like having two extra fingers together to stroke with. I got the deep rose, and it's just as pictured, and has those cute little flowers. The toy is so unsuspecting. It didnt take long to charge it, and by then I was READY! I used it with 2 drops of ID Millennium Lube. WOW! There was definitely a party in my pants! I typically do not like vibrators, but I tell you, this is the one! It has so many strengths of vibration, as well as different pulse modes. It drove me nuts! You can even rock on it hands-free...leaving you able to better explore yourself. I can use this with my Liberator Esse with or without my husband! I am now going to look into buying even more Lelo products to stash in the storage bag I got free as a gift. Next time I am going to use the pjur woman bodyglide...feels just like my own "lube". Alright, thats all I have time to say...my Nea is calling me back!

Lelo Lilly = Beautiful Power...I Live!!

by Shane*Noir on November 23, 2010

This is by far my favorite hand-held clirtoral vibrator. Fits beautifully in the palm of your hand and also can rest right on top of your body to enjoy some hands-free pleasure without fear of it rolling off. I was blown away with the intensity of this little powerpack, and even moreso by how unbelievably quiet it is. I have the white version which has a beautiful little flower decor on both the front and the back of it, that thankfully isn't novelty like at all. And of course since it is produced by Lelo, it comes with the beautiful packaging. It also is rechargeable rather than battery supplied, and the only downfall I've found is that if you end up losing the charger, you are kind of out of luck...and with such a great vibrator, you DON'T want to be forced to watch it sit alone with no charge!

WIfe's only vibrator now!

by bungieinberkeley on September 10, 2010

This is now the only vibrator my wife reaches for! Loves the rechargable battery, great strength of vibration, packaging is well thought out, a delight to use all around.

Awesome vibrator!

by elaqure on August 28, 2010

This is a really great vibrator. I have had other vibes before but none of them compare to this one. My only complaint is that it is small. Next time I might order the bigger one just so I can hold on to it better.


by plytang on March 25, 2010

I love this little toy,,, but don't let that fool you! Very quiet but BIG on results. Also come with a nice carry pouch, so you can take it ANYWHERE! I love that it is also rechargable,,, no more batteries.


by Brotassta on October 11, 2009

This is by far the best toy my wife owns. i unfortunately bought it at a retail store for over 110.00. seeing the prices here, I feel cheated as i see i am in the armed forces and get a discount from liberator. But all in all... GREAT product.


by butterflyboo on September 27, 2009

I love my Nea by Lelo!! It is my go to girl when my husband and I are looking for a little fun foreplay. She is super cute, I couldn't believe how amazing she was right out of the box. Lelo went the extra mile with packaging, but looks aren't everything. And she proved it. Nea packs a punch and can get me where I want to be during foreplay sex and solo play. I can't imagine my world now without her. She maybe small but she is wonderous. And is very durable, I have drop her a few times off the bed and on to the cold hard unforgiving tile floor and she came out without a scratch. All Lelo products are made of the highest quality and and finest finish. I have had my Lelo Nea for 2years and she still looks and acts like brand new. I Love my Lelo!!

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