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Rejuvenation. Relaxation. Rediscovered.


Feel alive, energized, and balanced with the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator® featuring the power of Om. Recognized by many ancient cultures, Om is considered to be the energy that connects and joins all things together. The Om vibration of the Revel Body SOL promotes sexual awakening, deepens intimacy, reduces stress and tension, and renews your mind, body and spirit. Completely redesigned, the Revel Body SOL has increased performance and even more sensation, while the new QuietCore piston allows for near quiet operation.

The award-winning Revel Body Sonic Vibrator® features groundbreaking TrueSonic® technology which offers superior sensation, with exceptional performance, to the most sensitive places on the body. It is great for intimate body massages and nipple or clitoral stimulation. Simply roll it on the body or use its vibrating tip. The user-friendly push button interface allows you to control a new level of pleasurable delights. Each vibrational pattern offers a variety of sensations, from thumpy, to powerful pulsing, to sonic buzzing. Plus, the Revel Body SOL now comes with three redesigned tips -- for a more customized experience. Each tip is designed to offer a different level of exciting pleasure.

  • The Ever has broader surface area coverage and an interesting texture especially suited to a clitoris or muscle massage. If you’re a beginner we recommend the low settings. If you're looking for intensity aim for setting 4.
  • The Fawn attachment tickles sensitive areas and is great for sensation play. A tickler worthy of some serious foreplay. Use all over the body and on all settings; however we find that setting 4 is ideal.
  • The Rose tip is smooth with a round surface and slightly curved with broad area coverage. As well as being highly pleasurable, try it on the 4th setting which has enough intensity to help loosen sore muscles all over the body.

Psst… we want to let you in on a little secret! You will now be able to relax and enjoy the Best. Bath. Ever. The Revel Body SOL is completely waterproof and a delight to use while bathing. While submerged, the QuietCore creates both suction and vibration for a big sensation. Simply hold the lighted funnel end of the Revel Body SOL against your the most intimate areas of your body and feel the pleasure. This underwater feature will have you spending more time in the bath!

WARNING: The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator® and Revel Body Attachment Tips contain very strong magnets. This device should NOT be used or handled by persons wearing pacemakers, metal or magnetic implants, or electromagnetic devices. 


  • Om setting to promote rejuvenation and relaxation.
  • Superior sensation and adjustable settings with minimal in-hand vibration.
  • Removable QuietCore™ attachments to customize your experience.
  • Body-safe materials - no phthalates, nickel or lead.
  • Discreet ergonomic shape for comfort and ease of use.
  • Waterproof, travel friendly, USB rechargeable LiPo battery to take on the go.
  • Most reliable battery-powered clitoral vibrator with a broad range of vibrational patterns.
  • Wall charger and travel case sold separately.
  • Two-year warranty – purchase with confidence.

Underwater Suction and Vibration

  • The Revel Body is a completely waterproof vibrator.
  • Best experienced on the lowest, more powerful speeds (1-3).
  • Hold the Revel Body with the lighted funnel end is against your body.
  • While submerged, the QuietCore underwater creates vibration and suction.
  • Relax and enjoy the Best. Bath. Ever.™
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Meet the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator


Revel Body - Meet Revel Body SOL



SKU 857587004200
For Women
Length 4.25"
Noise Level (out of 5) Quiet
Power Source USB Rechargeable Battery
Vibrating Vibrating
Vibration Strength (out of 5) 4.5
Waterproof Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Width/Diameter 4.25"
Toy Type Massagers

Questions on Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator

  • From Brian at 9/22/2013 12:18 PM
    • Does the Body come with core tips already or do you have to order at least one seperately?
    • The Revel Body SOL now comes with 3 high-quality, body safe silicone attachments tips - Rose, Fawn, and Ever. The original Revel Body did not include these.
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  • From apprentice69 at 10/7/2013 1:44 AM
    • how long the charged battery last?
    • It is not possible to overcharge the battery, however they require charging before first use. Once the Revel Body SOL is removed from the charger however it will indicate how charged it is. 1 Blink= 25% charge, 2 Blinks=50% charge, 3 Blinks Full charge. It will take approximately twice the amount of time to charge the Revel Body SOL as it was used (i.e. if you run it for 10 minutes, it will charge in about 20 minutes)
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  • From Shilo Rice at 6/14/2015 12:47 PM
    • I am trying to decide between this and the Jimmyjane Form 2 Clitoral Vibrator. How is the vibration different between the two? I know the Jimmyjane Form 2 Clitoral Vibrator is rated 5 on vibration intensity and this one is 4.5, but I'm talking about the kind of vibration. This one says it uses sonic vibration. Is that different or better than other vibes like Jimmyjane Form 2 Clitoral Vibrator? Thanks.
    • Thank you for the great question!

      There are a lot of differences between the Revel and the Form 2. The Form two motors, one in each ear and allows for pinching. The Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator is operated by a magnet and provides more of a thumping sensation. There are also multiple tips available for the Revel allowing for more sensations. Both are great products and offer two different options. It just depends on what you are looking for.
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Customer Reviews

Love Love Love This Product

by DStrock on September 27, 2014

Wow, stunning. This is completely different. Slow and thumpy, mmm. Quiet. Amazing packaging. A new level in quality and performance. This is not a toy, it is something for discerning adults. Ohhhh and the underwater thing. You use the reverse side and it creates suction on you bits by shaking the water. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The O! in OMG

by TStaley on September 15, 2014

The Revel Body is O-mazing. It's easy to hold, the attachments are fun to experiment with, and the speeds make it easy to find just the right amount of pleasure for your mood. There is something for everyone in this handy little gadget, the slower speeds provide a greater amount of movement and intensity while the higher speeds provide a little more zing for a more sensual experience. I like that there is such a wide range as you can start with the higher settings to get things started and move through to the more intense lower speeds to heat things up. As a yogini, I find that the Om setting is fantastic for tantric meditation and despite it being the least intensity, it has become my favorite setting. Also...I have to sing it. Revel Body, you're the make bath time so much fun! :) It has this awesome little suction feature on the back side that, let me tell's something you have to experience to explain. Plus, it's super easy to clean and sleek enough that you can keep it on the nightstand without worrying what your housecleaner will think! If you're looking for a treat for yourself, this little gem is worth every penny!

I'm so luck to have found this product.

by Betty on September 12, 2014

You guys rock! The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator is AMAZING. It really is the most powerful and quiet vibrator I have used and I will not be going back to a regular vibrator again after using this. It is easy to hold with multi speeds to adjust to your liking and it feels velvety smooth and delicious on your skin. I got the Fawn accessory which was heavenly on my clit and can you say instant multi orgasms! Whoa! Go sonic!

Really great

by Sue on December 19, 2013

Amazing vibration from this product. Much different and better than other products I have tried. Thumpy to buzzy, there is a vibration for every body. Waterproof. Amazing under water. Beautiful, modern, new and exciting. Must try, you will love it.

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