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Find your own rhythm.

Ergonomically designed, the Pulse features soft lines that contour and move with the body to recreate the natural rocking sensation of sex. With a low height and narrow width, the Pulse is easily straddled in a cowgirl position. Solo or with a partner, it allows for hands-free enjoyment of vibrators and dildos simultaneously by featuring two separate pockets - one to house small vibrators or bullets to achieve clitoral stimulation and another to tuck a dildo into. You can also turn the Shape over for a gently sloped lift for hips or your head when with a partner.    

  • A rocking toy mount allows for hands-free enjoyment of vibrators and dildos.      
  • Low height and narrow width allows for easy straddling.
  • Equipped with two separate pockets for small vibes and dildos.
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover.
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.
  • Recommended with toys that have a base diameter between 1.25" and 3".
  • Measurement in inches: 20L x 12W x 13H

Looking for the perfect companion for your Pulse? Check out the Fun Factory Amor Smartstub. For the second pocket, try the Lelo Lily for a small vibe that packs a punch.

Delivered vacuum compressed - get details about our eco-friendly packaging and product setup tips.

*Toys not included.

SKU 12181
Brand Liberator
Material Microfiber
Fabric Details

Microfiber - original microfiber cover - 100% nylon

Cover Machine-washable microfiber
Liner Polyester
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 13
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

Questions on Pulse

  • From PulseCurious at 6/14/2013 4:41 PM
    • What is the recommended weight that the bliss can hold.
      Can any free standing vibe or dildo be attached to the pulse or only specific ones.
      Does this come with a warranty if so what is covered and how long is the warranty.

      Thank you,
    • The weights appropriate to hold on this item include 0-250 lbs. At any weight over 250 the foam will be crushed a little, not making it unusable-but maybe not as firm of a stability point. Any vibe or dildo with a flange can be entered into the item, and will work with the item. ALL Liberator Items come with our 1 year manufactures warranty.
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  • From Scott at 7/3/2013 11:28 PM
    • Can anal toys be used with the pulse?
    • The pulse is for masturbation, and during masturbation anal toys will not inhibit the use of this item properly.
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  • From Nick at 8/5/2013 12:09 PM
    • Can toys can be placed and used for anal masturbation with the device?
    • There is not a specific pocket that will hold a dildo for Anal. There are item you can use such as the FLEX by Tantus that will penetrate vaginal and anal at the same time, or you can wear some sort of plug (i recommend the Silicone Explorer set) while she is masturbating on the Pulse.
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Customer Reviews


by Gdom on July 5, 2015

Perfection!!!! My beautiful wife has never been a big fan of being on top during lovemaking, but she is very open to new ideas, so when we were at our local toy store one day she noticed some of the Liberator furniture, so we bought the one that looks like an ottoman, but folds open. This fit quite nicely into our "Playroom/Dungeon". Needless to say, That night brought in a whole new round of ecstacy to our already VERY passionate love life. So, I decided to surprise my wife with the "Pulse" pillow toy that can hold a Vibrator/Dildo. (we actually have the whole LELO line, and her favorite is the INA). The day the Pulse arrived, I had it ready and waiting for her when she got home, with the LELO INA ready and vibrating. When my wife arrived home after a long stressful day at work, I told her I had a surprise waiting for her in the playroom, so she stripped off her clothing with eager anticipation, I blindfolded her, and put in her ear plugs, as I led her into our playroom, I helped her up on the bed, had her straddle the Pulse, and OMG!!!! Within about 30 seconds, she was moaning with pleasure. She rode it that session, to 4 Orgasms, the last of which, was one of the biggest Orgasms she has ever had. I sat and watched in pure pleasure, as my wife, LOVED it. Needless to say, since it arrived 2 weeks ago, we have used it in every lovemaking session we have had, That's 9 times that I have been able to watch her on it, (and i'm not sure how many times she has used it solo). For our next purchase, we are looking to replace our current "spanking bench", (which I built), with the Liberator spanking bench. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have a review for that one also. Thanks Liberator

Won't work for me, my legs are too short

by Carla on March 21, 2015

I am unable to straddle this -- I think you need long, slender legs to do it. I'm going to try the bon bon. It is VERY firm, so it's hard to bounce on it. On the plus side, Liberator items are quality made.

Fast shipping was great, and the item is very well made!

by jenn b. on March 7, 2014

very firm, so it holds up to some rocking. loved that the blue cover has a zipper and can be removed and washed, and underneath that is another protective covering with a zipper as well. very nice materials, and very well made. if you put a bullet in the pocket of this thing, the whole thing vibrates. we really love it! totally worth the purchase price ($80).

The Pulse

by Hayley on April 19, 2011

Recently, my husband and I have been experimenting with all kinds of adult toys. Not that our lovemaking needs any spicing up, because, believe me, it doesnƒ??t. But sometimes it is fun to try new things. The exploration was initiated by me. And, needless to say, my husband had no problem with it. One of the new things that we were able to try was the The Pulse by Liberator. Now, this is the very first time we have tried a ƒ??pillowƒ? or I guess more accurately, sex furniture. The Pulse is designed to fit your curves and move with your body to imitate the rocking of sex. It is the perfect size for most body types, so it is not awkward to get on top of. There is a secure support for you to mount a dildo onto, and little pockets on either side of the mount to put in a smaller vibrator such as a bullet. I have to admit, it took a few tries to get a dildo in there where it would not fall over or come out. But once I got it all figured out, I think I spent about an hour on it solo. Ladies, this thing is badass! Wow! Of course, I also had to try it with my husband. As fun as it was alone, it was even more fun with a partner. Admittedly, it took us a minute to figure out how to use it with two people where it would not ƒ??get in his wayƒ?. But we eventually did figure it out. We used The Pulse to help prop up my hips and butt in the doggy-style position, for easier access for him, and it also helped me not to have to do so much work, ha ha. Of course before we got down to the nitty gritty, first we had some fun during foreplay. We used The Pulse for each of us to rest our chests on when giving oral sex. Seriously, not to have to hold my neck and shoulders up all by myself was amazing. You donƒ??t realize how much work you put into it until you have a little support. Same goes for him, Hubby said. Of course, besides all the amazing joy I got out of the foreplay and the sex, my favorite part of The Pulse is the super easy clean up. The Pulse has a microfiber cover that zips right on and off the foam piece, and you can just toss it into the washer. Simple and fast. That sure makes me happy. There is a pad between the foam piece and the cover that is moisture-proof, so it helps keep your foam intact and safe and good to go anytime you are! There are different color choices you can get, but I chose the red because it matches our room d??cor. And if you werenƒ??t aware of what The Pulse was, it could pass for a pillow of some sort, so it is not like you exactly have to hide it away in a closet until you want to use it. All in all, The Pulse was amazing, and we are sure glad we were able to try it.

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