January 2013, Storerotica - Liberator debuting new in-store boutiques

Liberator, Inc., manufacturer of sex furniture and lovemaking accessories, is ready to reveal its latest edition of in-store product displays January 16, 2013.

Coinciding with a luxury redesign of its core product packaging, Liberator Boutiques will now instantly transform retail space into an erotic landscape. Using Liberator’s newest additions to its Home Collection, Boutiques feature the Orbit or Echo rocking bed-or both-as well as additional standalone shelving to showcase Liberator products. Beds and shelving can be mixed-and-matched to best suit each individual store’s needs.

The new additions to the Liberator Home Collection, the Orbit and Echo, will not only serve as a centerpiece for shops, but also provide ample space to display Liberator Shapes outside of the box.

 “With the introduction of our new packaging and beds, we wanted a more attractive way for retailers to be able to carry and display these products,” said Louis Friedman, CEO of Liberator, Inc. “The new Orbit and Echo are conversation starters in their own right and adding Liberator Shapes on top just means there’s more to talk about. It’s also a great way to have people try the product before they buy.”

Liberator’s core products-the Ramp, Wedge and Combo-are currently available in the recently redesigned packaging that includes vacuum-compressed foam for smaller dimensions and less shelf space. Each box also features a carry-out handle on top of the box that conceals racy imagery by facing it downward.

The Orbit and Echo beds are available in full, queen and king size. Retailers have the option to drop-ship beds to alleviate stocking concerns.

For more information contact your Liberator sales representative, or call 1-866-542-7283.

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