3D and Original Vacuum Cup highlight holiday gift lists

ATLANTA GA. February 14, 2013 – Considering Tenga products aren’t powered sex toys, it may be surprising to see the Japanese Adult Concept’s products in a list showcasing high-tech toys with other electronic pleasure objects. It makes sense when you consider the technology that makes Tenga unique was implemented before the toy ever made it into your hand.

The Daily Beast’s Lizzie Crocker best summed it up in the site’s “Eight High-Tech Sex Toys For Valentine’s Day.” Backing up the fact that Tenga was not designed to replicate the look or feel of a vagina, Crocker praises the Original Vacuum Cup and Tenga as “a lot more promising than the pathetic imitations of the real thing” and extremely effective in delivering pleasure.

Gizmodo had a similarly inspired article, “NSFW: 7 High-Tech Sex Toys to Liven Up Your Valentine’s Night” that also touched on Tenga products. The focus of the Gizmodo feature changed to the 3D Polygon, a toy that is not “garishly-colored” and “a bit more socially acceptable.” Sure it gets described as “some kind of Origami sculpture,” but anyone who’s used one knows it does so much more.

Read the Daily Beast’s “Eight High-Tech Sex Toys For Valentine’s Day”

Read Gizmodo’s “NSFW: 7 High-Tech Sex Toys to Liven Up Your Valentine’s Night”

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