February 2013, StorErotica - Meet Midori

Designed by Tenga, Iroha’s new female vibrator will have you green with envy

Feb 21st 2013 –Tokyo, JAPAN


Midori is the second vibrator in line to be debuted by the brand new Iroha brand.


Brought to you by the same people behind the hugely successful male masturbation aid company Tenga, Iroha vibrators are self-pleasuring items that respond to the natural needs female bodies seek and look to redefine pleasure for women.


The second vibrator in the Iroha line to be introduced is the globular Midori.  Midori’s light green orbs conceal powerful, quiet vibrations with a simple two-button interface, and its design is meant to caress every bodily curve and crevice.  A small tip allows for pin-point pleasure.


Formed from food-grade silicone, the Midori is water-resistant, easy to clean and equipped with an anti-dust coating making every experience hygienic. Even more appealing than the practicality of it all, the Midori’s “Soft Touch” material is responsive and supple with a refined finish and touch akin to a massage or traditional Japanese rice confectionary.  It’s truly in its own class.


Iroha products continue in the precedent of excellent, discreet packaging set by Tenga. A charging base doubles as a storage and display case. It also won’t cause any embarrassment if left on the bedside table.


The Iroha brand is set for release in Japan on March 3rd, with a U.S. launch set for April’s International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas. Iroha will be available exclusively through Atlanta, Ga.’s Liberator, Inc.


To experience Iroha visit: iroha-tenga.com/en


Visit www.liberator.com, email [email protected] or call 1-866-542-7283 for retail and wholesale information.

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