January 2013, Bex Talks Sex - Liberator Releases New Rocking Beds!

Look at these new beds from Liberator!!! The one pictured on the left is called the Echo and is available for $1,750 – 2,000 USD and the one on the right is known as the Orbit and fetches a pretty $3,000 – 3,900! Those prices do not include the mattress as they will fit a standard Queen or King (depending on which you buy) but they do include shipping though so that’s nice, because I’m sure they cost an obscene amount to ship. The frame is made of recycled carbon steel and wood and are “designed to sync with your every move.” This means that they rock to either sooth you to sleep or enhance your every thrust (because let’s be honest, who actually sleeps in their beds these days). Not in the mood to rock, they come with enclosed stoppers that can inhibit the rocking or even prop the Orbit up at an angle. Possible my favorite part of all of this is that they are not only durable but they are tested to be able to withstand outside weather conditions meaning it could be left out at a poolside patio or back garden for some outdoor play. I’m not sure how the mattress and sheets would fair in the weather and it would probably be a pain to bring them outside every time you decide you want to use it but it’s still really cool that the option is there. Now if I had $4,000 to drop on a bed it would totally be the Orbit, but unfortunately I do not, so I’ll have to continue to stare longingly at the pictures and add it to my fantasy sex room, next to the swing.

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