February 2013, AVN - Tensionier Cuffs by Liberator revolutionize playful restraint

ATLANTA—Liberator, Inc. has released the revolutionary Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit on the unsuspecting adult novelty market. This is just what you didn’t know you were missing.


Similar to finger traps you used to play with as a kid, the Tensionier cuffs utilize a self-tightening system meaning the restraints become more taut the more they get pulled on. The ingenious design makes for even more ways to play with your partner.


Included in the kit is enough for a full-fledged party, complete with formal wear. To go with two ankle cuffs and two wrist cuffs, a blindfold and bowtie are also included. The bowtie includes a D-ring to attach cuffs and tethers to. Yes, tethers are also in the kit. The entire set comes delivered in a carrying case that will do just fine as discreet storage for when you’re not playing.


The Tensionier Cuff and Blindfold Kit is available indark denim or black microfibe rwith a $95 MSRP.


For more information visit Liberator.com, or call (866) 542-7283.


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