January 2013, AVN - Liberator Namedropped on Yahoo! News and CNBC

ATLANTA—Coming off two major weeks for the adult industry in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the mainstream media and news outlets upped their coverage on novelties and asked Liberator what they had to offer.


In the first report from Yahoo! News, Holly Bailey examined the immense and also over-documented effect E.L. James’Fifty Shades of Grey has had on the sex industry. Bailey’s look at the increase in sales from products mentioned in the book and its subsequent sequels amid an otherwise struggling economy includes a quote from Liberator Vice President of Sales Rick Lockett.


“Soft bondage is really hot right now,” said Lockett in the understatement of the new year.  


CNBCtook a different approach at adult toys citing the increased presence of novelties in retailers such as Wal-Mart and CVS. Chris Morris used Liberator as one of the examples in adult enhancement products that have broken-through from seedy to big box stores.


Morris also mentioned Liberator’s new packaging and shipping technology as a means for making it into even more stores in the future. 


For more information, visit Liberator.com.


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