September 2012, AVN - Liberator, Jaiya, Quiver Show 'Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible'

ATLANTA—Liberator has announced the availability of its new book with sex expert Jaiya, Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible, for order through Quiver.


Jaiya’s wealth of carnal knowledge and Liberator’s role in bedroom exploration combine to make the book a must for customers wanting to expand their repertoire of sex moves. Readers learn how to intensify sensations on standard positions, add kinky twists and make other positions more comfortable with Liberator Shapes and Sex Furniture.


The book guides the reader step-by-step through positions using Liberator products. The product tie-in makes it an easy choice for consumers buying Liberator Shapes and Sex Furniture to fully realize the potential of their purchase. Shapes featured include the Wedge, Ramp, Combo, Hipster, Flip-Ramp, Esse, Black Label equivalents and more. Chapters also focus on different styles of play including anal and bondage and highlight the benefits of Liberator Shapes and products in facilitating these acts.


Michael Kane, executive vice president for Liberator, said, "We’re excited to finally have the book available to retailers. The release was actually delayed because the first run of books caught fire while in transit. We like to think that the content was too hot to be contained. Once you flip through the book you’ll see why, and so will your customers. Package a copy of Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible with a Shape and you’re sure to see repeat Liberator buyers.”


Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible is a 160 -page, full-color paperback featuring more than 50 photo illustrations and has an MSRP of $19.99.


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