December 2009, AVN - Tickler and Liberator Join Forces to Launch Tickler in North, South America

Former LELO chief designer introduces Tickler and selects Liberator as co-branding partner to expand mainstream appeal 

ATLANTA—Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, the luxury lovestyle brand synonymous with upscale pleasure objects, is expanding its brand presence through the highly anticipated launch of a branded toy line. Liberator is pleased to present Tickler as its first foray into this new arena. 

Ticklers are a family of playful vibrators and the brainchild of former LELO designer Eric Kalén, who has dedicated his career to fostering great design and functionality in pleasure products. 

“One of Tickler’s main ideas is to open up new channels and reach a new audience. We believe that Liberator is the perfect partner for us to achieve this through the North and South American launch of the Tickler brand presented by Liberator,” said Kalén. 

“We believe that Tickler adds an air of playfulness and fun to the market that is currently missing,” said Michael “Sky” Kane, chief sales officer at Liberator. “The Tickler concept was adopted for the mainstream market in areas where this industry has typically never been before. 

“By marrying Eric Kalén, the name synonymous with great design, and Tickler with the Liberator brand, I believe that we have a tiger by the tail and that this relationship marks the next step in our evolution as a mainstream provider of sexual well-being products,” Kane added. 

Tickler creates a uniquely playful world filled with attitude and personality, populated by products that are both exciting and provide value by delivering a high-quality concept at an affordable price. The first Tickler family reaches for a fun-seeking and liberated audience that might never have bought a sex toy before. 

The Tickler family initially starts off with five members: Cute Tickler, Rebel Tickler, Sunny Tickler, Mystic Tickler, and Bunny Tickler. All Ticklers have their own character and individual design that provide different vibration patterns to match individual preferences and moods. The question is, “Which Tickler are you?” 

All Ticklers do share some main features. They are all powerful, waterproof, quiet, and made of the finest body-safe materials. The product is delivered in contemporary packaging together with a stand for storage and display. Battery is included and they are ready to tickle right out of the box. 

The MSRP on each Tickler vibe is $34 USD.