February 2013, AVN - Liberator's Valentine’s Day Kits Take Guesswork Out Of Gift Giving

ATLANTA—Liberator Inc has released two limited edition gift sets for Valentine’s Day that will be gone before the stale boxes of chocolate samplers are.

The two kits available are centered around one of Liberator’s Original Shapes. The first, the Liberator Valentine’s Day Ramp Kit, takes the Ramp and dresses it up in a naughty package. To go along with the Original Label Ramp, a Black Label cover with restraint connections, a cuff and blindfold set, tethers and silky tie-ups all come in the Valentine’s Day Kit. The other kit, the Liberator Valentine’s Day Wedge Kit, is the same set-up with a Wedge replacing the Ramp. 

Besides making sex even better, the Liberator Shapes with the Black Label covers and silky tie-ups make those forays into playful restraint and bondage even easier. Your partner is not going to be surprised by flower bouquets, but bringing out cuffs in the bedroom is sure to do the trick.

Both kits are a huge savings than buying each individual piece separately and will only be available until Feb. 14. 

The Liberator Valentine’s Day Ramp Kit is available with a $189.00 MSRP. The Liberator Valentine’s Day Wedge Kit is available with a $129 MSRP.

For more information visit Liberator.com, or call *866) 542-7283.

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