May 2013, AVN - Liberator Creates Erotic Arts, A New Brand Category

ATLANTA—Liberator continues creating and adding new brand categories to its already loaded arsenal of pleasure objects and sex furniture at


“These products set themselves apart and we wanted a better place to showcase them, “ said Louis Friedman, CEO of Liberator. “Sure, at their core they are similar to other sex toys, but many of these are statement pieces in their own right. True functional works of art.”


To better display a growing number of premium and luxury sex toys and accessories, Liberator launched a new Erotic Arts shop on its eCommerce site in early May. To its knowledge, Liberator is using the term “Erotic Arts” for the first time in a retail setting. Included in the Erotic Arts shop will be custom sculpted glass dildos, latex couture, designer furniture and handcrafted leather and silk goods.


The majority of the Erotic Arts collection is made by Liberator or exclusively for the Atlanta-based company. Liberator has added six new borosilicate glass pieces to its Erotic Glassworks with the Lucan, Suki, Blue Moon, Pappy, Homer and Zadig. The Lucan and Suki are g-spot dildos with colorways unique to each model. The Zadig and Poppy are entirely different in design but both feature bulbous parts sure to please. The Lucan and Homer incorporate some of the handcrafted leather attributes into teasing delights.


For the silk portion of the Erotic Arts shop, new LouLou Sashes and Papillon Cuffs join the existing silk offerings. LouLou Sashes come in your choice of two-tone silk and with three 2-foot sashes that can be tied together for elaborate decoration or used as tie-ups and a blindfold. Papillon Cuffs use both silk and lambskin to luxurious effect. Supple leather keeps extremities restrained while silk connects and ties-off the Papillon.


Liberator plans to add new products to Erotic Arts on a revolving basis.


Find all the Erotic Arts at


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