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Fleshlight Top Dog

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Free your hands to enter your fantasy.

This sturdy faux leather Shape houses your Fleshlight in the perfect position for simulating doggy positions. The ideal height for thrusting while not having to use your hands to hold it in place. Not only for solo use, the Top Dog can be used as support in from-behind positions and for neck support during oral

  • Fleshlight mount designed to be used in a doggie position.
  • Doubles as a base for providing head or from-behind positioning.
  • Wipe down the soft faux leather fabric with soap and water for a quick clean in a matter of seconds.    
  • Fleshlight not included.

Measurement in inches: 15L x 12W x 14H

SKU 845628060131
Size One Size
Brand Liberator
Material Pleather
Cover Machine-washable pleather
Liner Polyester
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 14
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

Questions on Fleshlight Top Dog

  • From KWI at 9/8/13 1:49 PM
    • Is it ok to put a sex toy smaller than the fleshlight in?
    • Tenga toys work great inside the Mounts. Depending on what toy it is however, it would potentially not fit. Please keep this in mind and if you are curious please measure a Fleshlight, and a similar size toy should work.
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Customer Reviews

Be The Top Dog

by Miss Kay on August 14, 2010

The Top Dog mount is absolutely amazing for a Fleshlight (it also works with any other male masturbation sleeve that comes in a plastic case.) It's about waist-height for my boyfriend (though it's a little tall), and it makes it really easy for the boyfriend to thrust up into a Fleshlight without having to use his hands to hold it in place. I absolutely love the eye candy of watching it, and that's why I purchased it in the first place. The bottom of the Top Dog features the microfiber material that Liberator is known for, so if you have the Hit The Floor mat or the Liberator Escape (which we have), it can sit on top of those surfaces, and it won't slip at all during heavy thrusting. For those that don't have either of those options, this can be rested up against a stationary object, and it will stay put just fine. The foam is pretty strong - it didn't withstand the boyfriend pressing all of his upper body weight onto it real well, but it did work great for gripping the backsides of the Top Dog and pulling it against him. It also worked well for him resting some of his weight on the top of the Top Dog during use. It's easy to get the Fleshlight in and out of the Top Dog, and while we haven't tried it, I think it would be amazingly hot to have a bit of a "threesome" with him and the Top Dog with me behind with a strap-on. (Like pictured in one of their product pics.) The surface is amazingly easy to clean, and the microfiber material on the bottom does have a discreet zipper that allows you to zip off the outer cover if any messes happen to get on it. (I wouldn't imagine any would though. Most of it would be contained to the Fleshlight.) I find it easiest to lubricate the Fleshlight before you slip it into the Top Dog. Putting it in the Top Dog first tends to make it an awkward angle. You could also choose to use this in a woman-on-top type of position, but it's honestly kinda awkward, and we weren't fond of it. For those that are wondering, no, this will not work as a chair when it's not in use - the foam is way too soft on this product to hold large amounts of weight. This seems to be a softer type of foam than what is used in most Liberator products. Overall, though, we're really happy with our Top Dog, and it provides a hands-free sensation for him, and some extremely sexy eye candy for me.

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