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For a limited time only, select something special tonight.

For the ultimate in sexual positioning, seduction begins with Esse. A luxury chaise with killer curves and serious style, the Esse inspires the deepest of desires. For endless opportunities inr sexploration pair it with the Mini Scoop. The Esse is designed and crafted to fully support your body, no matter the position. Versaltile and comfortable in every way, you can stretch out, straddle or just have a seat. or lounge in the lap of luxury on seductively soft fabric's like the Porto or Gianni. Your head, neck and back, are cradled in comfort as the headrest works at either end of the Esse. Daytime or playtime, this sexy piece doubles as a chaise lounge and let's the imagination come to life. 

  • Includes 1 mini Scoop to level the center dip.
  • Includes 1 Headrest in matching fabric and color.
  • Headrest helps to support and raise knees and adds additional height for standing/bending positions.
  • Easy to change covers for a whole new look.
  • Porto fabric comes in Charcoal, Gunmetal, Red, Coffee & Granite.
  • Gianni fabric comes in Mocha, Steel & Ginger.
  • Esse measures 64" L x 24" W x 24" T
  • Note: Limited quanities of Esse Special Edition available.

Delivered vacuum compressed - get details about our eco-compressed packaging and product set-up tips.

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SKU 10049SE
Brand Liberator
Material Multi-Fabric
Fabric Details 100% polyester
Cover Machine-washable Porto or Gianni
Liner Polyester
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 64" x 24" x 24"
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box
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Questions on Esse - Special Edition

  • From A at 7/11/13 10:55 AM
    • Is it possible to purchase the mini scoop separately? We have the Esse and would like to get the mini scoop to go with it.
    • The curvature of the Esse is a perfect fit for the mini scoop shape and therefore the design is cut from 1 piece of foam together every time. The Esse Chaise (not the product on this page) does not lend to the use or fit of a mini scoop from the Esse, and unfortunately we do not sell this item separately as the Esse and mini scoop are designed to go together and are cut together. For the Chaise the headrest is a way to acquire a lift in the middle of the chaise, and now comes with every purchase!
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  • From Mia at 7/12/13 6:32 AM
    • Would the Esse bare the weight of a person 300lbs+ plus a person of average weight of about 200?
    • yes, however if all that weight is on one corner of the item, then it will crush. The Esse is able to hold up to 700 lbs when the weight is distributed as any normal item would be, but all weight in one corner would cause some crushing of the foam.
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  • From JL at 11/20/13 6:11 AM
    • What is the best looking material for this chair? Want it to look classy during the day. Offhand I like the faux leather but it looks like that one doesn't come with a scoop?
    • Hello JL,

      It would depend on your taste. The Leather is available for the Esse Chaise only and does not come with a scoop. The Esse comes with a scoop, however both come with a headrest at no cost. If you would like fabric samples please email me up to 4 fabrics/colors, your name and address and I will get them out to you as soon as possible.

      To answer your other question, the Velvish is a plus microfiber. If you're worried about the product getting wet, keep in mind the cover is removable and machine washable Cold, low tumble dry (The Leather would be removable as well, however wipe clean only.).

      I would recommend checking out our Throes ( These blankets are great to throw on our products or onto the bed to absorb and repel fluids and liquids. These are just like our covers, machine washable Cold, low tumble dry. The newest throes, Lush and Fleur, are a double sided Velvish blanket that is twice as absorbent as the original and come in Queen and King sizes.

      Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at my email at [email protected] or through our customer service line Monday - Friday 9am -7pm EST and Saturday - 12p - 5p EST at 1-866-542-7283

      Have a great day!

      Customer Service Associate
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  • From Ivan at 11/24/13 1:53 PM
    • Just curious....what is the difference between:
      The Esse
      The Esse Chaise
      The Esse - Special Edition?
    • There are MANY differences between those 2 products!
      1. Size
      a.Esse measures 64 Long x 24 wide x 24 high
      b. Esse Chaise measures 68 Long x 22 wide x 22 high
      2. The Dip in the center on the Esse allows more grinding on your partner, but might be too tight of a fit for some-which is why we manufactured the Chaise to accommodate those types.
      3. The Esse comes with a mini scoop (it is the center piece that leves out the dip) can be used all over the Esse to accomplish different positions.
      4. The chaise is offered in the Faux Leather for people that like to play with liquids, and can easily be cleaned by wiping it down.
      Hope this helps, and if you still have questions then please call customer service (770)-246-6422 extension #3 for Customer Service!
      5. Special Edition- These are made with discontinued fabrics that we will no longer be carrying.
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  • From Rick at 11/30/13 3:54 PM
    • Does the Esse - Special Edition come with the mini scoop and the headrest? What we want to find out is the difference between the Esse and the Esse - Special Edition.
    • Yes, the Special Edition does come with the mini scoop and headrest at no extra cost. The difference is the Special Edition is a discontinued fabric.
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  • From Martini at 1/15/14 3:45 AM
    • Hi, - - in regards to your response to Mia about the weight of two people. Your response ..."The Esse is able to hold up to 700 lbs when the weight is distributed as any normal item would be, but all weight in one corner would cause some crushing of the foam." But from many of your video clips, the brunt of the weight seems mosstly in the middle portion of the Esse. Will it hold that much weight? Or will it just collapse in the middle or break in half?
    • The Esse will be able to hold. There will be some compression of foam with any amount of weight placed on the product, however it would not break in half.
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  • From badfish at 1/26/15 2:52 PM
    • What makes this a "special edition"?
    • The "Special Edition" Esse is literally the exact same thing as the Original Esse Chair--the only difference is in fabric. The fabric for the Special Edition is only available for a limited time only and is determined based on what we have left in stock.

      Similarly, the "Black-Label" version of the Esse is going to be the exact same shape/piece, but with different covers (made with buckles and bands attached for bondage/restraints).

      Unlike both the Special Edition Esse, and the Black Label Esse-- the Esse Chaise is a COMPLETELY different shape/piece with different dimensions--so please take care not to get these 2 confused.

      Hope this helps!
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  • From Penelope at 1/27/15 3:36 PM
    • 2 Questions:

      1. From what I gather, the only difference between the Esse & the Esse Special Edition is the fabric. Is one material better/more durable/textured differently than the other?

      2. Are the covers removable for cleaning?
    • Yes, that is correct. The Esse and the Esse Special Edition are the exact same Liberator SHAPE or piece, the only difference is the covers.

      1. The fabrics available for the Esse are going to be the top-of-the-line quality (Velvish). The Velvish fabric is exceedingly durable, as well as water resistant and stain resistant. The fabrics available for the Esse Special Edition are going to be just as good quality, just a much different "category" of fabric (they have a much different stitching and texture to them). These I usually recommend to people with animals, or for anyone that wants one of these unique (limited time only) color options. The reason they are especially good for people with pets is because the hair wont cling to the fabric (literally, it's so great!).

      2. Yes, both the Esse and the Esse Special Edition are only offered with the removable/machine-washable fabrics. It is super easy and the best part about the Esse fabric (the velvish) is that every time you wash it, it get's softer! Also, both fabrics are designed to keep the richness of their color and not fade excessively over time/use.

      I hope this helps answer your questions!
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Customer Reviews

Still the absolute best

by Sarah on February 26, 2015

I bought the Esse lounge about a year ago. My boyfriend turned me on to this idea. This chair has been by far one of the best purchases I have ever made! It stays in our room and we use it ALL THE TIME! Some how, some way we use this chair or the other pieces SEVERAL times per week! The chair itself is amazing because no matter what position you are in, sex is always so comfortable. It is very supportive and it is made of good quality material. The fabric is very soft and easy to wash. There are several colors available to match nearly any bedroom decor. The other 2 pieces that come with the chair can be used sarately. The scoop in the middle provides wonderful support for your knees while your man kicks back and relaxes for oral pleasure. Your knees will never get tired and everything is just perfectly aligned and easy to acess. The headrest is not just a head rest... It functions very well as a lift if you lay face down on the bed and put the headrest underneath you. I promise that you will experience the deepest penetration of your life! One of the other reviews said something about eye contact and she is absolutely right about that. I know exactly what she is talking about! When you are looking at each other, face to face, at the time of an orgasm not only does it feel more intimate, but it is just so damn hot and turns us both on! I can't say anything bad about this chair. Even with heavy use and many cycles through the wash, it has held it's shape and is still just as nice as the day we got it. We got ours on sale, with free shipping, and it came with a few little extras. I got the blind fold, the egg thing for my man (which he absolutly LOVED!), and the chocolate body paint. We thoroughly enjoy all of it... Regularly! I highly recommend this chair for couples.

Sort of useful

by Ok on December 17, 2014

Not as thrilled with this item as a "sex chair" not as versatile as I expected, but as a regular piece of furniture it is a nice addition to the living room. Kids love to climb on it and treat it like a slide.

Worth Every Penny

by Sarah on August 21, 2014

I bought the SE Esse for my husband for our anniversary. It arrived yesterday and came well packaged. The cover was easy to get on, was clearly well-sewn, and the fabric itself is very soft. The color I chose was demure enough to blend in with our bedroom colors. Sex has always been a challenge for us. My husband has a condition that causes fatigue, mobility issues, and ED. So, saying that we weren't having a lot of sex would be an understatement. I hoped this would be helpful for us, but it's even better than I imagined. We did a test run last night and even without medication, my husband became aroused. The Esse supported him and me so well that he didn't have to focus his energy on holding a posture or worry about fatiguing muscles. He was able to simply relax into the sensations and enjoy. Aside from that, the dip in the middle allowed us to grind in a way that we hadn't before--SO enjoyable. Giving him oral was fantastic on the Esse. I kneeled on the mini scoop while he reclined. I didn't get sore from being at an odd angle so I could go much longer, and he had a full view of me (which he seemed to like). We are not small people, but the Esse didn't buckle or sink under our weight. The foam is surprisingly supportive but comfortable--much more than any regular pillow can provide. It is very comfortable to sit in just as a lounger. One thing I loved was the eye contact the Esse allows. Even though we weren't technically in any new positions, they automatically felt more intimate. If you are struggling with a disability that affects your sex life, I HIGHLY recommend the Esse. I would recommend it to anyone, really! And at the special edition price, with a 20% off coupon and free shipping, the Esse SE was an awesome deal.

LOVE the Esse Special Edition!

by Kathy on August 10, 2014

I bought this as a wedding present for my husband. After all, what does he really want? Not a watch or a pair of cufflinks! We LOVE the Esse Special Edition. Don't hesitate...just buy'll thank the folks at Liberator, trust me! We couldn't be happier!

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