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Keep your Adventure Gear clean and pristine. Liberator slick black zippered gear bags store as discreetly as sports gear.

When tucked in a closet, it's no bigger than a small suitcase. For quick access, store under bed and you're ready for the ultimate bedroom game.
SKU 10093
Brand Liberator
Material Nylon
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

Questions on Escape Gearbag

  • From Art at 4/3/13 7:26 PM
    • Is the strap supposed to make it smaller?
    • The strap cuts the product in half, so it can be carried easier. It attaches to both ends on the King Escape so the product ends up folded perpendicular to how its folded to fit in the bag.
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Not too much to say

by Miss Kay on September 10, 2010

There isn't too much to say about the Escape Gearbag. It's just a bag that you can purchase which will allow you to store your Escape. It has a handle on one side for easy carrying. The Escape has to be folded into 3rds like it originally came then can be slipped into the Gearbag. The Gearbag makes it possible to keep your Escape hair-free and damage-free as well as to transport it outside discreetly through rain. It also would work well for long-term storage or if you're concerned about leaving it under the bed for storage. Since the gearbag folds the Escape into 3rds, it actually makes the Escape smaller for storage which is nice. It seems to hold strong, the zipper is easy to use, and it's a good gearbag. I'm glad we have it.

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