Erotic Glassworks

Penelope Plug

This ever-evolving collection of erotic glass works is manufactured and offered exclusively through Liberator from local artisans.

All Liberator Erotic Glassworks are unique in brilliance and transparency. Using techniques as confidential as our master craftsmen’s veiled identities, glass artists with unbounded imagination and passion incorporate utility and art into sculpted forms of crystal. While science and technology have improved the quality of the materials, the process our glassmaking goes through is wonderfully old-fashioned.

Every piece of Liberator Erotic Glassworks is a limited production art form. Our creative collaborators are transform pure borosilicate rod into stunning contemporary phallic sculptures, scepters with embellished textures, exquisite jewelry for the derriere and fully-functional forms for prostate stimulation. The anonymous masters who work the glass have had sculptures showcased in galleries and museums and are in permanent private and public collections throughout the world. Many of their commissioned works have sold for over a half million dollars and have been presented to three US Presidents, international heads of state, celebrities and collectors alike.

All sculptures include gift card, description of work, elegant black microfiber pouch lined in memory foam & satin in complimentary gift-wrapping.

About Boron Crystal Glass: All Liberator erotic sculptures are fashioned from heated boron glass (borosilicate). This glass was invented & formulated during the early part of the 20th century and is an unusually clear glass that has been used for medical and laboratory applications, plus unique applications including the 200-inch telescope mirror at Mt. Palomar.

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Viewing 1 item(s)