A recent study published in the August issue of the Journal of American Geriatrics suggests that sexual satisfaction is tied to longevity and perceived quality of life. Out of a test group of 1200 San Diego women aged 60-89, those with higher levels of physical and mental health were highly likely to be sexually active. This included 61% of women aged 80-89! The study found that when sexual satisfaction was high, there was tendency towards good health and a high perceived quality of life.

According to the authors of the study, this suggests that sexual well being is tied to perceived quality of life for all ages. Even though they use the word "perceived," remember that perception creates reality - just think of depression. In light of this study, and more like it to follow, one hopes that our culture will start to place more value on sexual well being. Notice I didn't use the term "sex."

Sexual well being is a broader concept that means different things for different people. For many of us, our sexual well being is integrally tied to the health of our relationships - which most probably has an impact on our quality of life as well.

American culture is obsessed with work and "to do" lists. We're always so busy and trapped in a routine of non-communication with our partners, like two ships passing in the night. Perhaps it's time that we started to add things that foster a healthy relationship and better sex to our "to do" lists. Most busy people seem to be able to fit a workout routine in their schedule, so why not a sex routine? If 61% of women aged 80-89 are having sex, what's stopping couples in their thirties and forties? Probably a lack of communication.

Everything in our lives is interconnected, and having a healthy relationship is akin to having a healthy heart. In addition to making resolutions to start working out, save more money and eat healthier, let's add sexual well being to list and get to work! Just make sure you have lots of fun.