Whether your differences be in height, weight, or preferred penetration angles, Liberator items can help even the playing field. Pillows can help elevate the hips and add new positions, but believe me: they're nowhere near as supportive as Liberator shapes. The angle for missionary position is much more improved when the Liberator Wedge is raising the hips, and who doesn't want to use a Hitachi hands-free with their Liberator Axis while having sex?

As a plus-sized girl, I can tell you that having Liberator Shapes helps make things go much more smoothly. Sure, we can have sex without the shapes, but if you want to move your body into more comfortable positions that don't require stress and strain during use, the Liberator Shapes can help position your body – and keep it there – for more comfortable penetration in your favorite positions.

New Positions

Have you ever wanted to experience new sex positions? While the Kama Sutra may not have included Liberator Shapes in their book, the Shapes do provide new and interesting positions to get into. The Shapes themselves won't offer up any new position choices, but once you start to experiment with your Shape, you'll quickly find that there are tons of new positions that you weren't able to get into before. Not only that, but Liberator offers a position guide with all Shape purchases, so it'll be like having your own version of the Kama Sutra right with your new purchase! No, the positions won't come to you instantly, but Liberator products can open doors to positions you had never thought of before.

Quick Clean-Up

I know we've all heard the old “use pillows to elevate her hips.” Have you ever done that and then realized afterward that you now have bodily fluids, lubricants, and just a general big mess on your pillows? The same pillows that you were supposed to sleep on? Well, Liberator Shapes can help you avoid that. Use them right before bed, and then just toss the shape to the side. In the morning, unzip the cover and toss it into the washing machine with all of your regular laundry. It's very easy, you don't have to go without your pillows at night, and putting a Liberator cover back on a shape is much easier than trying to get those darned pillows back in the pillowcases.

You Like it Messy

Whatever your kink may be, if you like it messy, the Liberator Shapes can come along on the ride with you. Pillows and sheets were never really meant to be drenched in wet play like food or anything else. The Liberator Shapes, on the other hand, are! They include an outer layer of material which will make clean-up extremely simple while the inner layer of material is completely waterproof to keep your mess on the outside. Plus, it's much easier to throw a Liberator cover in the wash instead of your entire bedding.

If you like to get messy on a regular basis, you can always check out the Liberator Throe. It's a soft, sensual waterproof blanket made for all of those fun sex messes. So go ahead, get messy!

Non-Sex Uses

Liberator Shapes aren't just for sex. Some stores sell non-waterproof versions of similar items just for lounging around. Your Liberator Shape works that way too! I can't tell you how many times I've used my Liberator Wedge as a back pillow, and the Liberator Escape works perfect as a make-shift mattress for guests that were going to have to sleep on the floor. The Liberator Throe can double as a kinky, yet usable, blanket for travel if you aren't sure you're going to have sex, and the Liberator Zeppelin pieces all work amazingly as regular furniture as well as sex furniture! We regularly use our Equus Rest as a regular and body pillow while we're sleeping. It's amazing how versatile all of the Liberator pieces can be both in the bedroom and out of it.

There are tons of great reasons to check out the Liberator Shapes. I know we've had an amazing time with ours, and you might find that it's a new way to experience your sexuality!