It’s not only your physical attributes that make you sexy.

Plenty of other personality traits lend themselves to making a person attractive or desirable. And in many cases, character will go a lot further than lingerie or a buxom build.

So what are some steps that can be done to lure in a lover? They’re actually pretty easy.


Easier said than done, of course. But a little self-worth can go a long way. “ It’s a humble self-acceptance and self-love that genuinely feels comfortable in their own skin,” says Ken Wert, author of “Not much is sexier than someone who humbly exudes self-confidence.”


Don’t overlook what helping others can do to your image and perception. “If you’re not convinced that thoughtful people are both happy and sexy, just ask anyone in a loving relationship with a few years under their belt how sexy thoughtfulness is to them and how thoroughly unsexy its opposite is,” Wert says.


This should go without saying. You can’t be trusted or have a healthy relationship without a good dose of truth. “There is no sexiness in a liar.  They breed distrust,” says Wert. “ Trust is one of the sexiest characteristics of the singularly sexy.”

See what all make the cut of sexy characteristics.