Military Branch:  Navy

No one in the world can turn me on as much as my husband can.  My husband is active duty military currently serving in Iraq.  We are literally counting down the weeks until he comes home.  We have only been married one year and he has been gone for about half of it.

The thing that keeps us sane during his deployments is taking full benefit of the built in webcams on both of our computers and having "naughty skype"!  We also have built an extensive wish list on the Liberator website of things that we want to purchase for when he comes home. He doesn't know it yet, but I am making sure that it is all here when he walks in the door!  We learned on the last deployment that we spend a lot of time in the house when he finally comes home! You have some fantastic products to use alone or together.

We are most looking forward to trying out the We-Vibe!  It looks amazing! In the next care package I am mailing over to him, I am including a set of the Tenga eggs. They look very interesting and so he will be trying them out before he comes home for two reasons.  First, to see which texture he prefers and second to start getting himself prepared for his homecoming.  It is hard to keep the flame going from so far away but with a little help from Liberator and a lot of help from the internet we are able to continue to find ways to keep each other very happy!