Sexual expression is essential to living a balanced life. The grand variety of ways to express and interact sexually is limitless and all are welcome so long as it does not infringe on the wellbeing of all involved.

Society, culture and religion have impacted our early experiences and journeys towards self-sexual realization thus branding us with imprints that stifle sexual growth and evolution. As we begin to break free from the shackles of such imprints we become more readily available to integrate the universal fact that sex is the sacred portal to existence.

When approached with honor and reverence we allow ourselves to tap into a new dimension of intimacy. What happens when we choose to participate in conscious union and begin to weave our energy, incorporating breath, dance and clear intentions? Can this be the way we were intended to pray?

We may not truly know the face of our creator but we do know how we came to inhabit our body in this planet. The miraculous experience of birth teaches us that our bodies are sacred and they contain all that we are; would it then be safe to call it our temple? I believe my body is my temple and sensual rapture is my entry way to the divine.

When taking all this into consideration, what do you believe? What does your intuition tell you as the vibration contained in these words travel through your body?

Your journey begins within the sacred space of your love making chambers. Create an altar, light your candles.


Indulge your senses with a platter of juicy fruits, ambient sounds, incense or aromatic candles. Adorn your temple with sensuous fabrics that complement your beauty and choose oils that nourish your skin, titillate your nostrils and flavor your tongue.

If embarking on your sex-spiritual journey alone use a mirror that reflects your temple from head to toe. If with a partner sit in front of each other.

Practice eye gazing and breathe. Cultivate an intention and express it while keeping it at the core of your practice. Is there something you want to manifest? Is there an area that needs healing or clearing?

Give gratitude to yourself and your beloved. As you inhale focus on your pc muscle (located between you anus and genitals) and contract it, this allows you to pull energy up through your root center all the way up your spine exhaling through the crown of your head connecting you to the spirit realm.

Another great energy cultivating technique is the Microcosmic Orbit which dates back to prehistoric times in China and, thanks to Mantak Chia, has become a widely practiced spiritual tool.

Dedication to conscious breath work will dissolve blockages and open your receptors to an elevated state allowing you to move into a dance. You can begin to rock back and forth gradually reflecting a serpent like movement of your spine.

Breathe, exhaling with sound, begin to explore your temple with a feather-like touch of your fingertips. Play with a variety of textures. Use the oils and massage and knead. Don’t stop breathing consciously.

Experiment with all that is erotically possible and continue to pray dedicating your practice to the benefit of all that is and ever will be.

Once you have tried this guideline you will be ready to answer my opening question, can sex become YOUR spiritual practice?