We've all seen it in the movies...

Someone puts on some type of virtual reality suit and logs into a world of technologically simulated sex. He or she either does this alone and bangs an A.I. driven embodiment of his or her desire, or meets up with another real person in cyberspace for mind blowing sex without the worry of STDs. Technology in sci-fi movies often predates and predicts technological developments in the real world, and in the case of cybersex it is no different. Everything has to have a beginning, just like first generation iphones or even primitive PCs back in the early eighties. While these devices may have left something to be desired, they were the beautiful beginnings of the cool gadgets we have today - not to mention those of the future. AEBN's recent introduction of the RealTouch to the adult market is going to be a defining moment in the evolution of cybersex.

The RealTouch is a hands free male masturbation device that realistically syncs up with pre-coded porn. AEBN describes it as "the first adult haptic device for men." This means that if you are watching straight porn, for example, as the female in the video does things to the man's penis, the RealTouch simulates the feeling on your penis. The device accomplishes this by using the combination of a ribbed conveyor belt and and an "orifice" ring that can tighten and move to simulate the point of entry. It also has a lube reservoir that automatically dispenses, sometimes at strategic moments in the synced porn - like when the man's sexual partner spits on his dick during a hand job.

To make things even better, before RealTouch, AEBN was one of the major providers of on demand porn online - meaning they are more than capable of supplying content for their invention. As of this writing they already have 1000 straight videos and 400 gay videos coded for use with the RealTouch.

While some may consider the RealTouch to be more of a novelty and some reviewers have pointed out some drawbacks of the device, we have to remember that this is just the beginning. The first generation of RealTouch is to cybersex what an atari was to gaming consoles. Imagine what AEBN will bring us over the next twenty years. There's already talk of finding ways to sync the device via webcam for live cam sessions. And while RealTouch is aimed at men, one wonders if we might see a similar device for women in the upcoming years.