I am addicted to Lelo products. The sensual way they look and the feel, the innocuous names and their wonderful rumbly pleasing vibrations. I don’t know about you, but the innocuous names really please me. Sure I can talk to my girlfriends about my new g-thunder tiger XL (if that is actually a name of a toy send me a link, I want to point at it and giggle), but in polite company who wants to hear about the girl at the table next to you talking about the g-thunder? My current Lelo love is the Siri. Does Siri sound like g-thunder? No, no it does not. Unless the person listening really knows their sex toys they won’t know you’re discussing your masturbation toys. And it makes me feel more sophisticated, in control of my sexuality rather than a cheap hussy with her g-thunder. Ok , I’ll stop saying that now. *giggle*

So like all Lelo products, Siri arrives in a beautiful hard black case meant for long term storage or display. It also comes with a small sachet for those of us that stow and go with our toys. My Siri is a sinful shade of red. It’s a very vibrant, bright color especially when paired with the white control panel. As always with Lelo Siri comes with a one year warrantee and a 10 year promise. Let that sink in. For the first entire year if your motor dies, has charging issues, won’t hold charge, the motor becomes weak, they will replace your Siri, free. Then there is the 10 year promise. For the next 10 years if something happens to your Siri you can send it in and they will give you 50% off your next purchase. Quality is the name of the game with these products.

So back to my Siri. It’s small. Impossibly palm sized and I hazard to say cute. Ok It’s cute. Very cute. The shape might look kind of weird online with that little bump coming out from the colored portion. It is perfectly shaped for labia stimulation or if you angle Siri a little more it hits the clit and just stays there perfectly content to get you off. For the way I am shaped,Siri can easily be hands free. This makes sex with Siri absolutely amazing. It is such a small size that not only does it not bother the boy or I, but since he presses against it with each thrust it becomes the perfect companion for anything with him on top.

I know what you’re thinking, small size equals small power right? Traditionally yes, which is very depressing as I like just clitoral/labial stimulation and I like it with a lot of power. Leloabsolutely blew me out of the water with Siri. They said they made a new, more powerful motor. I own other Lelo vibes and they are pretty good already but the Siri is just so small. Holy cow, bring on the power induced orgasms. It’s like they took the motor from that giant monster toy that requires half a dozen batteries in an external battery pack (yes I own one of those but it actually requires 8 batteries and it’s worth every one of them) and placed it into my small, cute Siri. The Siri balances power with frequency. The power went up but the frequency stayed blissfully low. The result is low, rumbly, deep vibrations that turn my mind into a puddle of happy goo. None of that topical, buzzy vibration that easily becomes annoying and unpleasant.

Right now I am on a high dose on codine from hurting myself last week. I can’t feel any pain at all, which also leads to massive decreased sensitivity. Small price to pay in my opinion. However, Siri blasts right through my codine induced haze. She packs such a wonderful punch that while my other vibes are totally out in the dark right now, she’s been keeping me sane through the week. I find this impressive, you should too.

Siri has six vibration patterns

1. Continuous vibration
2. Slow pulsation
3. Fast pulsation
4. Revving up
5. Revving up and the back down
6. Random happy teasing mood

The fascinating thing about Siri (and indeed all Lelo vibrators) is that moving to a different pattern doesn’t mean that the intensity is set. You all know the feeling, rev all the way up on continuous vibration, then move to the pulsations on full power. The first 5 settings can have their intensity adjusted to your liking, from feather soft to yes please. The 6th setting is random in intensity and pattern so you cannot adjust its intensity. All Lelos also have a built in locking feature which is great for storage and travel. Just hold down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds (the lights will flash) and the unit is locked. Do the same to unlock the unit.

So in short the Siri is a cute compact rechargeable quality clitoral vibe that can be locked, packs a massive punch and has a guarantee that cannot be beat. The downside is the price but honestly if you use your vibes a lot and want one that is going to last, the Siri will pay for itself.