Everything nowadays is eco-friendly. Your bedside toy chest should be no exception.


Leaf is made from chemical-free silicone, uses rechargeable batteries and comes in recycled packaging. They like to call it sustainable.


Inspired by nature, and with a wide range of shapes that are sure to please, leaf delivers undeniable and exhilarating pleasure. The entire leaf collection is powered by PowerBullet™ which has been specifically engineered to offer the deepest pulsating vibrations available. All leaf products are shipped in a sturdy reusable storage box that contains a beautiful canvas tote and an informative instruction manual. 

Discover the power of nature and get wrapped up in your very own leaf.


Liberator is proud to carry two leaf vibes: Vitality and Life.


Vitality is the essence of nature. Each curved side contains powerful, separately controlled vibrations. Enjoy yourself, and while perfectly relaxed, allow the intensity of each budding branch to grow to a level that is perfect for you. Vitality features an incredibly soft and smooth shell for full exploration of all the most sensitive spots.

Life is to be celebrated. Simply contoured with smooth finish, Life allows for pure comfort while exploring every inch of the body. With its' incredible curves and PowerBullet technology, Life's powerful vibrations can be felt in any position.


Heck, if it's good enough for Alicia Silverstone...