There was a time when it was de rigeur to be politically correct. Being PC would at last keep you off of the thought police’s hit list. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town and a new PC. The new PC refers to the pubococcygeus (pronounced pu-boh-kohk-sih-gee`-us) or PC muscle, a literal and figurative mouthful. And if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you’ll be well advised to get in touch with your inner PC and this important piece of your anatomy. How so?


The PC is a sling-like muscle that attaches from your coccyx, or tailbone, to your pubis, to the pelvic bone just above your sex organs. You can easily feel both. This sling forms the floor of your pelvis and literally keeps all of your innards from falling through your pelvis onto the floor. Like any voluntary muscle, it can be exercised and will respond to strengthening . While this is not an area where bulging muscles are likely to be seen as attractive, I guarantee you’ll find the results rewarding.


For example, men can achieve stronger erections, improve urinary continence, improve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, prevent premature ejaculation, and enhance the power, duration, and enjoyment of ejaculation and orgasm. Wow! It’s almost too bad it’s free or you could start a website selling it!


For women, the benefits are similar, though as the TV infomercials all say, “But wait! There’s more!” With childbirth and age, the pelvic floor and vagina stretch out. This can lead to decreased mutual pleasure during intercourse, urinary incontinence and vaginal, bladder or rectal prolapse (hanging out). Many multiparous women (those who’ve given birth to several kids) experience stress incontinence, or dribbling when they cough or sneeze forcing them to wear panty shields or other sanitary aids. Exercising your PC can improve this situation, as well. In fact, in France, it is routine to receive pelvic exercise therapy after childbirth as a covered insurance benefit. PC exercises can also enhance and improve vaginal and uterine orgasm. Uterine orgasm? You mean besides the old stand bys of clitoral and vaginal orgasm women have another pleasure play? You bet! What’s a uterine orgasm? Per Wikipedia:


Uterine orgasms are subjectively experienced as deeply and purely emotional, as they involve no rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle. This measurable emotional change is characterized by a significant increase in oxytocin levels and apnea response. This apnea response causes the larynx to temporarily suspend breathing during orgasm and then exhale explosively, resulting in vocal exclamations and gasping. To release muscle tension, this is often accompanied by physical reactions such as laughing, crying, yawning, or screaming. During uterine orgasm, deep and rapid thrusts jostle the cervix and stimulate a sensitive membrane called theperitoneum that lines the abdomen and protects the pelvic area, including the uterus. A uterine orgasm can also be known as Orgie, O and a Bree & Blair.


I hope you’re now excited enough to start your PC tune-ups. Here’s how to do it: you simply squeeze, hold, and release. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, since most of us don’t often consciously engage our PC’s. These are commonly referred to as Kegel exercises /strong>, after Dr. Arnold Kegel, a USC gynecologist who invented the perinometer, a strength testing device for vaginal muscles. If you don’t happen to keep a perinometer in your tool drawer, a little biofeedback can help.


Men can insert an appropriate device in the anus, like anal beads, a butt plug, or a prostate massager. And in the case of a prostate massager, like an Aneros, the massaging action produced by the PC squeeze can even lead to a prostate orgasm. Maybe that’s why the guy in the next cubicle always seems to be grinning...


Once again, women show their biologic superiority regarding sexual options, as they are able to insert an appropriate object intravaginally or intra-anally or both. Some women have reported that they have actually learned to come and squirt just from Kegeling. (A brief clarification on terms: a “kegler” usually refers to a person who likes bowling. We’re taling about kegelers, not about rolling a few frames, although there’s nothing stopping you from combining the two sports.)


Kegeling can be done discretely anywhere and anytime. Do you often waste time stuck in traffic? Before you take off to or from work, make a quick stop in the restroom and insert your favorite aid(s) into your favorite opening. Plug in the iPod and squeeze to the beat. You might even get off on the way home and arrive destressed and smiling for a change. You and your partner will both be glad you did.