I suspect that nearly every woman knows about Kegel exercises and their benefits. But for many women simply knowing about them isn’t enough motivation to perform the exercises regularly or consistently.

Kegel exercises tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This provides many well-known benefits, including:

- more control over your pleasure
- the ability to feel a man's presence more fully
- the ability to enjoy more intense orgasms
- minimizing urine leakage

For pregnant women these exercises help the body to cope with the increasing weight of the baby. Healthy, fit muscles prenatally will also recover more readily after the birth.

Yet few women take the time to perform these exercises daily. This, I believe, is because of the clinical (impersonal) way in which these exercises are presented. For many women, knowing the benefits isn't enough. Women need to feel an emotional connection to the benefits. When you feel this connection, you feel motivated to make these exercises part of your daily routine.

Creating this emotional connection is simple, but it does require a some effort and some dedication. You can create this connection with an NLP technique called anchoring. The technique has two steps: 1) you recall a time when you were savoring the anticipation of an upcoming sexual encounter. As you recall this time, you’ll feel the anticipation return. 2) You perform the Kegel exercises while holding on to the feelings of anticipation. Repeat this process every day for a week (two weeks for some people) and you will build this emotional connection that motivates you to perform the exercises daily.

Although the process is fairly simple, some women have difficulty getting started. And some women have difficulty creating a deep enough connection. This is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis helps you relax, which makes it easier recall the desired state of mind and build the emotional connection between the state of mind and the exercises.

Hypnotic Dreams developed Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel for this purpose. A self-help hypnosis program designed to create an emotional connection between exercising your vaginal muscles and the anticipation of greater sexual pleasure.

This program guides you through a basic hypnotic induction, identifying the sexual muscles, performing the basic Kegel exercises, and trying some variations. The mp3 will then guide you to create a sensual state of mind, and link (anchor) this state of mind to exercising your sexual muscles. After several listens, performing Kegel exercises (squeezing your sexual muscles) will automatically return you to a sensual state of mind.

Using this 15-minute hypnosis program once a day will help you build this emotional connection, feel this connection deeply, and … feel motivated to exercise your sexual muscles every day.

Check out Hypnotic Dreams' Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel.


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