Sure there’s the fantasy of the sexy librarian, but it doesn’t mean you have to take it so literally sometimes.


In two recent and very different cases, we’ve got some sexual miscreants who’ve been busted in public libraries around the country.


On the humorous end, there’s the cam girl who’s been outed for using a Cornell library as a set for her show. Posters on a university message board used the library’s distinctive yellow chairs and decoration to identify the setting as Carpenter Hall, Cornell’s engineering library. The same posters have also deduced the cam girl is “Cameron Knight,” who has fapped her way to Big Red fame.


On the serious and disturbing end, there’s the registered sex offender who was caught using a Louisville, Kentucky public library’s computer to view child pornography he brought in on his own USB memory drive. I mean seriously, could you think of a worse place to be doing this? Luckily the man was apprehended after library staff noticed the pornography and contacted police.


Goes to show what some people consider as taking advantage of library resources is. We’ll stick to the periodical section.