As a goth fetishist, it's not easy to admit that I sometimes (though very, very rarely) listen to, and like, pop music.

There are a few exceptions, many of them widespread among the goth scene, though. Lady Gaga is an unstoppable force that can't be denied. Both her out of this world fashion sense and irresistable dance beats get everyone to the dance floor, whether they are in an upscale nightclub or a dark goth club.

Katy Perry is not one of those exceptions. While she is remarkably cute, and her style is often influenced by 1950s pin-ups like Bettie Page, her music is irreconcilably pop.

However, in her recent music video for her song "California Gurls", I was able to find several fetish elements. (Or perhaps that is what my twisted brain sees anyway?)

1. She wears wild outfits that would be great at any fetish event or club. The wigs, the stockings, (the shoes!)--it's all hot. The girl scout uniform is especially kinky for those that haveuniform fetishes or like age-play.

2. She is eating delicious treats such as cotton candy, suckers, and a gingerbread man throughout the video. These sensual delights arouse kinsters that are into food play and/or haveoral fixations. The theme of the music video was actually inspired by the work of artist Will Cotton, whose pieces of feature beautiful female nudes surrounded by desserts. What a sweet combination!

3. She is laying naked on a pink cotton candy cloud and looking seductively at the camera. And then you remember that this is the girl who "kissed a girl" and liked it. Need I say more?

4. All of the girls she rescues are enclosed in different items: a bubble gum bubble, jello, a candy wrapper. Those that are into erotic asphyxiation, such as choking and strangling, or heavy bondage such as body bags, might really love this aspect of the video.

Don't worry, I saved the best for last!

5. When Katy walks out in the end of the video with the black hair, red lips, and the red outfit with the garter shorts and thigh highs, she looks like a total dominatrix. She proceeds to grab two cans of whipped cream, shake them up, and spray them out from her boobs to defeat Snoop Dogg and his army of gummy bears. This performance is so very similar to things I have seen fetish performers do, such as the amazing RubberDoll.

Inspired by this video, I decided to peruse the Liberator website to see if I could find candy-inspired, sexy and bright toys. As someone who is used to avoiding bright colors, I think Katy showed me today that just because something is happy and fun, doesn't mean it can't be naughty as hell!