I've mentioned before that Lady Gaga's music often crosses over into the fetish scene and underground clubs.  It could be her impossible to resist dance songs, or maybe it's because she is so popular that she's unavoidable.  She has also been known to use fake blood in outrageous stage performance antics, much like you'd see at any vampire-themed fetish event.  But for me, it's her penchant for fetish wear, namely latex, that makes her a legitimate figure in the fetish community.  Hell, she even wore latex when she met the Queen of England!


Out of all of the fashion eye candy and latex porn that make-up her videos thus far, my favorite is "Alejandro".  Not because I particularly like the song, although it is catchy, but because I LOVE the fashion!  Her red and white latex nun outfit is one of the first ones we can see clearly.  The red is a nice spin on the classic black and white outfit, which is complemented by her ruby red lips, black fingernails, and black rosary.  Later in the video, she is see in a contrasting latex outfit:  a white and red hooded piece with crosses that remind me of the Knights Templar.


In other scenes in the video, Gaga is wearing more contemporary clothing:  a pair of trouser pants and a vest, nude colored underwear and thigh highs.  It is in the scenes that she wants to make the most impact that she wears the latex, because it stands out above everything else.  Latex not only looks amazing on the body because it clings and really shows a person's shape, but it's the shiny look and texture you can almost feel just by looking at it, that really set it apart from any other type of clothing.


Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention all of the other fetish goings on in this video.  The military men suggests a military and uniform fetish, there are elements of bondage with ropes tied to the beds and S&M with the men pushing each other down on the ground.  Transvestites, transgenders, and the people who love them will also appreciate the men dancing on the beds wearing nothing but black hats, bikinis, and pumps.


Pick up a latex outfit, add a few accessories, and you can go be Lady Gaga any day of the week. Here are my favorite items from Liberator Latex Couture that can be worn for Gaga-inspired outfits.


Whether you like her  or not, Lady Gaga is a legitimate poster child of fetish for mainstream culture.  Outside of the fetish scene, we often have to remind ourselves that people aren't used to seeing others wearing latex clothing, tying each other up with rope, or prancing around in practically nothing.  Out of all of her videos, "Alejandro" is the most fetish-inspired theme to date.  Perhaps in the future we'll see even more fetish videos come from Lady Gaga.