With Halloween approaching, your mind has probably turned to the variety of costumes you could choose to wear on that ghoulish night. This holiday is not just for scary movies and scantily-clad women wearing animal ears, but can serve as an opportunity to expose secret desires through whatever ensemble you choose to wear trick-or-treating. But why should you limit your game of pretend to only one night a year? Instead, we recommend that you take this game of dress-up into the bedroom and do a little role play with your partner year-round.

When performing role play, preparation and communication is key. It’s always important to remember that most games or roles involve a shift in power, specifically with one player holding most of it. We recommend discussing this with your partner beforehand to establish boundaries so that you will feel comfortable throughout the entire scenario. It might be a good idea to come up with a safe word before embarking on your game of pretend, which will allow you to feel safe in the scenario while delving deep into your particular role. Also, make sure that you’re trying out a scenario that appeals to you and your partner. If you don’t enjoy the concept, you won’t feel sexy acting it out.

To get you started, we’ve brainstormed quite a few ideas for you and your partner to play with. And, if you haven’t gotten that costume yet, we recommend something that can translate into the bedroom and turn your Halloween night into extended foreplay.

The Teacher and the Pupil

This is one of the classics. With one partner as the student while the other is the strict teacher, this scenario can play out in a multitude of ways. If the student is the aggressor, he or she can try to seduce the teacher to get out of detention. If the teacher is in charge, he or she can either “teach” the student the ways of the bedroom or “punish” the student for being so very naughty in class with a good spanking. Whichever variation you choose, we recommend plaid uniforms and school supplies be included in this sexy charade.

The Naughty Nurse

This role playing idea probably seems cliché as well, but remember this – cliches work. With one partner as a nurse or doctor and the other as the patient, the key is that you get to do a lot of touching. It can begin innocently and professionally, and then subtly become more and more intimate.

The Yoga Instructor

Sound stupid? We promise you it's not. This is another game where there will be lots of touching involved. With one of you as the patient yoga or fitness instructor giving a “hands on” tutorial to the inexperienced pupil, the touching won't necessarily be sexual at first. However, it will be sensual, and if you keep to your roles, then things will get very steamy quickly. This is the kind of subtle, realistic role playing idea that can light things on fire.

The Eager Employee

Workplace scenarios can be exciting, since an office is often painted as a sexless environment. This idea can be played out in several different fashions. You or your partner could be unemployed and desperate, willing to do anything to get a job in this terrible economy, or striving to earn a well-deserved promotion, offering to do whatever it takes be chosen. You can even use the classic boss and secretary roles, with the assistant serving the manager however he or she may need.

The Prisoner and the Guard

Locked up in your cell and punished, you're completely under the control of your partner, who's keeping a close eye on you. Clearly, the guard's attracted to you.This game can go in several directions: the prisoner can seduce the guard to obtain some advantages or the prisoner can let themselves be seduced through fear of reprisal. This game can also be taken out of the jail by changing the roles to cop and criminal. Don’t forget your handcuffs!

The Sexy Superhero

With the world obsessed with superheroes, it’s time to bring the trend into the bedroom. You could experiment with the hero and the villain, such as Batman and Catwoman, or be showing your appreciation for being rescued from the bad guy as Superman and Lois Lane. We recommend going to the nines with your costumes and masks. When you look totally different than usual, you'll feel different, and being able to escape the norm is what makes role play so freaking naughty.

Strangers in a Bar

This scene will take you back to the exciting days of dating. You and your partner pretend to meet for the first time while out, and attempt to seduce each other as though it were the first time, with the “grand finale” playing out in a hastily-reserved hotel room or perhaps somewhere public, like in the restroom of the bar. You can even up the ante by creating false identities!

Got any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!