Betony Vernon really knows how to bring up taboos.

Her new book, The Boudoir Bible, Vernon doesn’t shy away from much. Case in point, her elegant take and breakdown of female ejaculation.

Long controversial in the eyes of doctors, gynos and sex researchers alike, Vernon mentions many of the ancient cultures that all referenced the emission, including the Greeks, Romans, Japanese, Celts, Cherokees and more.

“In all of these societies, female ejaculation was viewed as a symbol of woman’s ‘masculine’ side, a perspective that rendered women sexually equal to men,” Vernon writes.

Vernon goes into more detail about female ejacualtion and expels a certain myth.

“Theoretically, any woman can learn to create the conditions for ejaculation and revel in the heightened degrees of sexual satisfaction that it excites — and the empowering sense of equality that accompanies it. We may therefore conclude that what women seem to be missing, more than anything else, are equally informed, sufficiently liberated, and well-skilled partners!”

Basically, it’s a combination of poor technique and inhibition that stops all women from the act.

Vernon’s main advice for women seeking female ejaculation is to “awaken the G-spot” and learn to relax.

Other than that? We suggest picking up a Fascinator Throe.

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