Who doesn't love to be touched?  I've been thinking about erotic massage a lot lately and how my roots began teaching this fundamental art.  Honestly, I firmly believe that your hands are the number one erotic tool, and are often forgotten when it comes to the art of sensuality.


Your ability to touch your lover in just the right way is what sets you apart.  Combine  your touch skills with some creative positioning and you have a formula for some creative, inspiring, and orgasmic experiences.


Here are some erotic massage techniques combined with Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear:


  • The Equus and the Body Slide - The Equus is great for giving back and butt massages, but here's a move to keep it really spicy.  Use plenty of oil to make this technique really work.  Liberator stuff is great because you can just zip off the cover and throw it in the washer later!   I recommend using warm oil which you squirt onto your partner and rub into his or her back while they are lying face down on the Equus.  You will also want to rub the oil onto your own chest and belly.  Now pretend your partner is a "slip-n-slide" and start sliding your chest up and down their back.
  • The Esse and the T, U, V - Have your partner lie face down on the highest hump of the Esse.  They will get a nice stretch in their back.  I actually adjust my partner's spine in this position!  Now you have great access to their neck and shoulders, back, and butt.  Drip warm oil onto your partner's spine and let it drizzle down, all the way between their butt cheeks.  Slowly massage oil from their butt all the way to their shoulders.  Knead the T, otherwise known as the trapezius muscles, that place in the shoulders where we knot up and hold tension.  Glide your hands down your partner's spine all the way to their butt.  Make a "U" shape with your thumb on one side of their spine and your fingers on the other side, and now push up their spine with firm pressure.  When you get to your partner's shoulders, knead them again, then stroke back down their spine.  Now, kneel on the floor and form a "V" with your index and middle finger and slide your fingers between their legs.  If your partner is a man, you will glide over his taint or root of his penis.  If your partner is a woman, lightly glide over her outer labia.
  • The Wedge and Her G-Spot - After lots of foreplay, use this technique to stimulate her G-spot.  Have your partner lie on her back with the Wedge tucked under her sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine).  If you are on a bed, position her at the edge of the bed and you will be sitting on the floor.  Now you have access to her genitals and, if the room is well-lit,  you can clearly see what you are working with.  Use your left hand index finger to stimulate her G-spot in a come-hither motion, anchoring and pulling the tissue.  Use your right hand index finger and thumb to stroke the shaft of her clitoris.  The Wedge allow your to get different angles and easier access, and for her to be propped up comfortably.
  • The Ramp and His P-Spot - I use the Ramp for anal massage all the time.  It is great for guys who have tight hamstrings or lower back pain.  It takes some time to give a great prostate massage, so you want to make sure that he is really comfortable.  Have him lie over the ramp so that his head is lower than his butt.  He may want to use a pillow or theWedge under his head or chest to be more comfortable.  Now you have access to his butt and rosebud (anus).  Be sure to give him lots of external massage before attempting internal prostate massage.  One you are to his prostate, massage circles over the area.  Be sure to also use lots of lubrication and go slow!

There are tons of ways to use get more creative with erotic massage and to take it from being on a flat surface to something that gives you more access to your sexy bits!  My partner Jon keeps telling me that we need to create a new type of massage table as he's laying over the Esse and I'm pressing deep into his back muscles.  He loves massage on the arched surface.  I invite you to try it and come up with your own unique erotic massage moves.  And feel free to share with us what you come up with!