Penis size. It’s a subject that has spawned plenty of sitcom jokes, pubescent teasing, and sexual insecurity. Myths about how to determine the size of this prized body part run rampant, such as race, appendage size, or age being a factor, and many “magical solutions” have been created, promising more length, girth, and staying power.

However, modern science has disproved several of these locker room legends. Studies have shown that your penis does not shrink with age, giving men less reason to fear the march of time, and your race does not automatically mean that you will be more or less endowed. Even more astonishing, studies have found that how much member you’re sporting is far lower on the list of attractive qualities in a male partner for women. But the most incredible statistic reported that 85% of women are completely satisfied with their partner’s size. On the flip side, only 55% of men expressed satisfaction with their own size.

So, if it is not the women who are dissatisfied with what the men are working with, then why is the penile growth industry such a huge market? Well, much like the permanent makeup and breast implants favored by the fairer sex, it could be more about personal self-confidence rather than pleasing a partner. Extra inches can add a whole new spring to a man’s step, just as an extra cup size can boost a woman’s ability to take on the world. So, if you are looking for that up in your self-esteem, which cock-boosting product should you try?

According to our diligent research, penis pumps are actually the safest and most effective methods of adding length and girth to your dick. Pills offer a low rate of satisfaction, as well as the possibility of ingesting harmful chemicals, and enlargement surgery offers less than two inches of growth coupled with a high chance of impotence in the long run. Neither of these sound appealing or really get the job done.

But, there can be a stigma attached to using such a device. Not only is it daunting to put your cock into a contraption, plenty of movies and television shows has used these pumps as a punchline, making an open dialogue about the use of these member-lengthening products a taboo subject. So, let’s clear the air, and spell out exactly what we’re working with.

While it is an excellent option for doing so, a penis pump is not just for adding inches. The proper and frequent use of a penis pump can produce harder erections, increase the power of the male orgasm, help with erectile dysfunction, and even allow you to last longer in bed, giving your partner even more pleasure. Usage can also help correct unwanted curvatures in the penis, and is a known treatment for symptoms of Peyronie's disease, a disorder that causes unusual shortening and curvature of the penis as well as pain during intercourse.

Of course, choosing your device is a decision that should not be made lightly. Many pumps are designed strictly for help with erectile dysfunction, and are not designed to lengthen or add girth. Also, when using a traditional air pump, there are be several issues that you and your cock could face on the road to glory. Most of these air-based pumps do not have any safety mechanisms on them, which can lead to burst blood vessels, blisters, and, in some horrifying cases, severe pain and possible injury from the testicles being pulled unexpectedly into the cylinder.

Obviously, we do not want our male readers to experience that kind of trama. So, we’ve searched for an alternative to an air pump, and we found a smarter solution - a pump that uses water. We’re huge fans of the Bathmate brand, specifically since the results are not only well-documented, but because of the decreased risk of injury due to the intelligent design, specifically the pressure release valve that allows you to control exactly how much stress is place on your favorite body part.

So, how does it work? The Bathmate series works by “working out” the erectile tissue in the penis - the Corpora Cavernosa, if we’re getting technical - to allow more blood to flow into it when you are aroused, giving you a larger and more powerful erection. With extended use, the vessels get bigger, allowing more blood to flow and fill the tissue. It’s just like if you took your dick to the gym.

So, if you’re going to go on a journey of enlargement with your best buddy, remember that this process can take time, much like gaining a new body through weight lifting. But, once you’ve gotten to your impressive new size, go invest in some long-lasting lube and plan a special night with your special person. After all, what’s the point of a big dick if you don’t enjoy using it?