Gentlemen, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s easy to get stuck in the traditional pattern of giving flowers, chocolate, and a stuffed animal and calling the holiday a success. While this was sweet the first few times, your partner can only put so many teddy bears on his or her bed before it starts to look weird. This year, add a bit of thrill back into your celebration by taking a different tactic—tame your wild beast with the art known as manscaping.

Hair removal is often a mandatory event for women but often ignored by those of the male persuasion. Most men will trim the area and call it a day, but there are benefits to getting waxed you may not be aware of. The back and chest are popular spots for hair removal, but we recommend taking it one step further and taking it all off. That’s right—balls and all.

How does waxing feel? When the esthetician applies the hot wax, it can feel good. But once they rip the wax and all of the hair off it will sting for about 10 seconds and have you wondering why you ever decided to do this crazy ritual. And that is just one small section of hair; the whole process can take up to 1 hour with lots of hair ripping fun. To keep going just remember how smooth and soft your skin will be for weeks to come, and how much your SO is going to enjoy their present.

Plus, the complete removal of hair from your groin can give you more stimulation and sensitivity, as well as provide a greater canvas for oral. So although there will be some temporary pain for you, it will give your lover a new terrain to map—not to mention a fun bonding experience, particularly if your significant other has undergone such an endeavor before. They are sure to appreciate the gesture and your Valentine’s night can only benefit from such gratitude.

Now, we covered the ins and outs of ladies going bare, and many of those do’s and don’ts can be applied to both genders. However, we didn’t want to leave the men out in the cold, so to help make your waxing adventure as smooth as possible, our favorite ultra-experienced esthetician and all-around-fabulous individual Logan Rosenblatt from the award-winning Atlanta-based boutique and spa Sweet Samba has given us some male-specific tips of the trade.

Don’t be embarrassed.

Getting your private parts examined and waxed by a stranger is not something that most men submit to voluntarily. However, you should remember that your esthetician is trained in waxing men and women, and sees many shapes and sizes in his or her work. He or she won’t be phased at all by the experience, so take your cue from your esthetician and relax! Also, Logan cautions that an erection can occur during this process, so should anything arise, don’t let it fluster you. After all, there is a person handling your business—it’s normal to get excited, just don’t make it weird.

Don’t get squeamish.

Logan says there is an option for a “manzillian,” which is the male equivalent of the brazilian bikini wax and involves the removal of all of the “below the belt” hair, including the hair on the testicles and in the anal region. Logan says that she has had many a client balk at the idea of hot wax in such delicate areas, but she insists that the benefits are worth it. The lack of hair can cause anal play to be even more stimulating, and provide easier access for your partner, and the bare tesicles will be much more sensitive to touch, which can add a fun element to oral. Plus, if your female partner is waxed clean as well, the skin to skin friction can cause intense pleasure.

Don’t skip the shower.

We say this on behalf of your esthetician: wash up before you show up. The area to be waxed should be thoroughly cleaned before your appointment. Any dirt, extra oils, or infection can get in the way during the hair removal process, and, quite frankly, it’s just good manners. If you aren’t able to shower, we recommend at least wiping down thoroughly with some cleansing wipes.   

Don’t forget to exfoliate.

Any area that you plan on having waxed—be it your chest, back, or other regions—should be thoroughly exfoliated before your appointment. This will slough off any layers of dead skin which will help prevent painful ingrown hairs in the future. When choosing an exfoliant, be picky, and make sure the product is all natural with no pore-clogging oil. You can concoct your own organic scrub by combining 1 cup of raw sugar and ¼ cup of honey with a ¼ cup of lemon juice.

Don’t stand for unsanitary conditions.

There can be serious consequences if you are improperly waxed in unsanitary conditions, so Logan advises caution when choosing your salon. When your esthetician applies wax to your sensitive areas, he or she should use an applicator, often a small wooden stick resembling a tongue depressor. If she attempts to use that applicator more than once, leave immediately. Double-dipping an applicator can contaminate the wax and spread disease. Also, if your esthetician uses a soft wax removed with strips of cloth rather than hard wax, find another spa. Soft wax can adhere to skin, which is much more painful.

Don’t expect it to do all the work.

Logan has waxed many a man before a special occasion and her greatest piece of advice is simple: do not expect the new downstairs hairdo to seduce your partner for you. It might be tempting to think that all you need to do is drop your pants and present your “present.” However, to make an occasion really special, you still need to set the scene, and create a magical moment for your significant other by making him or her the priority.  

Don’t keep it a secret.

Another sound piece of advice that Logan passed on was to let your partner know before you go bare. This change can be shocking, and if unexpected, a bit confusing. Plus, should your partner have been waxed before, he or she might have a good recommendation on what spa to try or a few tips on how to breath through the pain.

Don’t pick the wrong moment.

If you’re single and getting waxed, you might have a different dilemma to face—you might find your esthetician attractive. Logan recommends that, should you decide to ask him or her for a date, it’s best to wait for the appropriate time. She recounted a story in which a client actually asked for her number while she was waxing his anal area. Needless to say he got turned down, so she recommends at the minimum having your pants on before proposing you two grab a cup of coffee.

Don’t ignore your diet.

Often, waxing off pubic hair is done to enhance oral experiences for both the giver and receiver. Logan recommends thinking about the giver one step further and watch your diet a few days before your special occasion. Drink plenty of water to help flush smells and unsavory tastes from your system, and avoid heavy meats and smelly foods, such as onions, garlic, and asparagus to make your spunk more pleasing to the palate.

If you have any questions or are in the Atlanta area and would like to contact Logan Rosenblatt for an appointment, email her at [email protected]. You can also book an appointment at Sweet Samba by visiting