If you’re interested in getting a high quality personal pleasure items, and you want something that looks fun and not too anatomically correct, then Fun Factory is definitely a brand you want to consider.


Fun Factory was founded in 1996 after one of the co-founder’s wives mentioned that the toy market “offered no sophisticated and high-quality erotic toys which really spoke to women.” Founders Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl had a lightbulb moment then, and haven’t turned back since.


Fun Factory is based in Bremen/Woltmershausen, Germany, and their 2,400 sq. meter “pleasure dispensing palace” houses every aspect of the company: from the laboratory, to the factory, storage, and administration. In 2003 Fun Factory opened it’s first subsidiary here in the U.S, and in 2005 it formed its second in the U.K.


The first Fun Factory dildos and toys were originally all one-of-a-kind design models, which have grown to popularity with a loyal and satisfied fan base. Some of these toys have even won awards for their fun and innovative designs. Fun Factory toys are made using some of the highest quality silicon around, and they’re patented Click ‘n Charge system for rechargeable vibes is in a league of it’s own.


Fun Factory offers a wide variety of toys for both men and women. Whether you're enjoying a little fun from behind with the Bootie, or enjoying a fun romp with an adorable vibe like the Layaspot, Fun Factory has what you want. They also encourage you to Share, and don’t forget about the innovative Cobra Libre for men.


Fun Factory products are sold worldwide, including at our Liberator Concept Store, but Fun Factory’s flagship store in Berlin offers an experience like no other. Two floors of exquisitely designed and presented erotic wonders from lingerie, bodycare, lubricants, and toys presented in the playful whimsical Fun Factory style.


Overall Fun Factory is a leader in the market of high quality luxury erotic toys, and with good reason. They’re whimsical designs and playful uses of vibrant colors definitely make them stand out.