Tenga has always been one of the most innovative companies when it comes to male masturbation products. Some of the best disposable masturbation sleeves, the AVN "O" award-winning Tenga Eggs? Check. Disposable, pre-lubricated ona cups?  Check.  The high tech Flip Hole?  Check.  This is why I had to ask myself if I was all that surprised to find that Tenga has recently released a Tenga-themed manga.


So far, I'm not sure if this will be a continuing manga, but if you like the Tenga products, Tenga did a good job with their “Tengirls”. Each girl is based off of one of the popular male masturbators. In fact, there's even one for the Tenga Flip Hole! In typical Japanese fashion, there's even a Lolita-like girl included in the line-up. For some variety, a muscular-looking woman is included as well, portraying the US Tenga. Each one of the manga characters is dressed up in a fashion that matches their represented male masturbation toy.


One can only hope that Tenga will comeup with something this neat in the United States. Instead, we get (sometimes) internet ads about the products. Why can't something like this be integrated into our society? Even a billboard advertisement is something I would settle for. I guess I'm just tired of seeing Victoria's Secret advertisements all over while something like this Tenga manga would cause a commotion. I'd still love to see the U.S. Version though – especially if an interesting story was attached to the “Tengirls”. A girl can dream at least.


I wonder what the manga's text actually says. Is there a story to this neat little manga? Tenga always comes up with some of the best male masturbation toys, but who knew they had such creative advertising?