What’s your sex toy made of? And no, we’re not talking about its dual-action, toe-curling vibration modes.


Check to see what type of material your vibrator or dildo is made of. PVC, polystyrene and phthalates are often found in toys and can be potentially toxic or just extremely susceptible to bacteria growth.


Phthalates are large culprits of the problem. Phthalates have been linked to potentially causing birth defects and some forms of cancer. Some sex toys have contained as much as 60 percent phthalates where children’s toys with less than 1 percent phthalates are considered “worrisome.” And you’re sticking this in your body.


Metro put together a good list of things to look and look out for in a sex toy.


AVOID sex toys made out of these products

  • phthalates: "plasticizer" softeners used in PVC
  • polystyrene
  • "jelly"
  • "porous" materials

ENJOY sex toys made from these materials

  • medical or food grade, non-porous materials, ideally hypoallergenic
  • hard plastic
  • high-quality silicone
  • glass
  • surgical steel
  • ceramic
  • medical grade plastics