Couples vibrators are the hottest new trend in sex toys. The current forerunners are We-Vibe and Lelo.


In the last year each brand has released a revamped versions of their most popular couple's toys with more modes and greater intensity. The We-Vibe 3 joins Lelo by adding a remote control and Lelo’s Tiani 2 adds Sense Motion to its remote’s function. 


Add either of these to your lovemaking for playful variety and pleasure for both partners.


Tiani 2


We Vibe 3

8 vibration modes

Speeds and Modes

6 Vibration modes

FDA approved food grade soft silicone


Medical Grade rubberized silicone

Narrow “C” shape for tighter pelvic grip


Wider “C” Shape more loose pelvic grip

3 button remote interface with 1 button on product. Remote must sync with product. Hold 3 sec to turn on/off.

Ease of Use

Straight forward 1 button on product and 1 on remote. Simple on/off and movement through modes

Includes 2 wearable attachments

3 color options- Rose, Cerise, Black


Ribbed silicon for grip

Color Option-Purple

Quiet-high hum


Quiet-low, deep rumble

1 motor- Boasts 3x more powerful than market standard


2 motors- 40x more powerful than WeVibe2

Arrives fully charged, 2 hours of play, and requires monthly charging.  Rechargeable.


Arrives semi-charged, Charge for full 24 hours before first use. 2 hours of play on full charge. Comes with its own storage/charging stand

39ft in open space. Water or obstacles such as people may lessen range.

With Sense motion control

Remote Range

20ft in open space. Water or obstacles such as people may lessen range.

Fully Waterproof


Fully Waterproof

10 years

Manufacturer’s Warranty

1 year


Average Price



-Great soft silicon fit

-Superior warranty



-Get to know your products functions  before 1st use for best experience




-Easy to use

-Straight forward functions




-Rubbery texture




































Our Verdict:


LELO Tiani 2 with its smaller “C” shape and softer silicone material the Tiani 2 allows for more comfort during use. The two attachments and various modes make the product feel like new every time.  By adding sense motion to the remote partners are more in tune with one another for more sensual lovemaking. 


Our suggestion: Ladies wear the Tiani while giving oral and He can give you pleasure too!


We-Vibe 3’s straight forward control is the highlight of the.  The two motors give this a one of a kind design  which delivers the friction and pressure needed to stimulate her g-spot, while the intense power will rival her favorite toys.


Our suggestion: “We Time becomes Me Time” Doubles as a fun addition for self-masturbation for him and her. Gentleman, use as a stroker and ladies, pair this with your Liberator BonBon for “One Sweet Ride”!