One definition:  “A food or other substance that creates sexual desire”. The word derives from the Greek goddess of love and passion herself – Aphrodite. Yet this is not the only definition out there, nor is it the only example. Some aphrodisiacs are characterized by the vitamins and chemicals within. For example, crocin is a natural chemical that has collected some attention for inspiring excitement. When it’s not being used in scientific tests to determine just how much “vava” it can bring your “voom”, it’s found in saffron, an ingredient that enjoys lounging in many of your favorite Indian dishes.


And if you don’t have a favorite Indian dish, you need to get out there and get some curry into your life, because our Hindu neighbors in the east literally wrote the book on gettin’it on.


Some aphrodisiacs prefer their myth and celebrity over what the lab has to say.  Take, for example, the famous strawberry. Covered in chocolate, or served naked, these heart-shaped berries are a staple for any romantic evening. They are packed with vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrients, but I still regard them as a sensual aphrodisiac. Sure, these vitamins and nutrients can boost your well-being, which in turn does affect your libido, but I still think the seat of their power lies in their various stories and symbolism. The romantic tradition of them is enough to run out and get a pack right now!


In the end, and in my book, neither one should be cause to dismiss the other. Aphrodisiacs can be a thing of science; the perfect blend of compounds, nutrients, and vitamins for a natural, healthy zing.


But the sensual side is just as valid, because even though it can be a science, an aphrodisiac can also be a little black dress, a well fitted suit, or that pair of jeans that drives your partner wild when you wear them. The swing of someone’s hips when they’re dancing, that is an aphrodisiac, and don’t even get me started on a good joke, or a sense of humor, because to me laughter is the most underestimated of the lot.


This is just the beginning though. We have a lot more exploring to do. It’s going to be delicious, and leave you craving more.