Don Lattin poses an interesting question: In a world where Judeo-Christian faith no longer writes the rules on intimacy, who will define the new sexual ethics?

Regardless of your own spirituality, the idea of drawing a higher power into the bedroom is an old one that being approached in a new life. In a time where less people identify as “religious” and more as “spiritual,” many of these same people are trying to seek enlightenment and fulfillment through sex on a higher level than just pleasure.

In the July/August 2013 issue of Spirituality and Health, writer Don Lattin looks at several different ways people are connecting with God and the ilk through sensuality.

Many theologians believe the religious strictness toward sex comes not from the Bible or Jesus but rather Saint Augustine who wrote, “There is nothing which degrades the manly spirit more than the attractiveness of females and contact with their bodies.” This stems from Greek philosophy which saw the spirit as pure and the body as corrupt.

That’s what these current sexual revolutionaries are trying to connect. Cleansing the spirit through physical and emotional connection.

Lattin tells the story of Mormon John Christensen (real name withheld) who transformed his life into one of Tantra leader and teacher. Charles Muir and Leah Alchin, teachers  who claim they can bring God into the bedroom for a threesome. “And what a threesome!” they say. Lattin even talks with noted sex advice provider Dan Savage, who claims the whole Tantra thing is a sham.

Maybe most rewarding of interviews is that of sex therapist Tina Schermer Sellers, who works with patients from conservative backgrounds. “There’s so much sexual shame, self-loathing and condemnation. There has been so much pain and sexual dysfunction caused by the Western church.” She encourages women with a religious background to look at sexual desire as a gift from God.

However you approach it we can probably all agree that the era of sexual guilt and shame needs to be one that is nearing its end. Whichever way you connect, just make sure it’s fulfilling you.