Out of all of the rooms in the house, you probably spend the most time in your bedroom.  Granted, the majority of that time you aren't even conscious.  But it is the last thing you see before you fall asleep, and the first when you wake up.  It is also likely the place where you have sex most often.


Setting the scene for romance is a great way to put you and your partner in the mood.  Candles, soft music, and Champagne can all act as guides on the path to seduction.  But who has time for all of that anymore?  Aside from special occasions, most people do not go through the trouble to "set the scene" for sex anymore.


Luckily, Liberator invented the Decor Series.  Based on several of the already popular Original Label Shapes, Liberator redesigned these pieces to have more of a design appeal, allowing the shapes to stay out in plain sight to not only increase the spontaneity of sex, but to also complement existing bedroom décor.


The Decor Series items feature luscious velvish fabric in modest colors, with decorator details such as bows and scalloped edges.  With the shapes now lying on the bed and easily accessible, you can have amazing sex any time you desire.


Here are 6 easy steps to give your bedroom a sexy make-over.

  • Decide which color matches best with your existing bedding. The Decor Series comes in six colors:  Aubergine, Merlot, Black, Grey, Espresso, and Buckwheat.  Remember that it doesn't have to be the same exact color as your bedding, and often coordinating colors can give your room a nice new look.  Alternative:  Choose your favorite Decor Series color, and purchase an inexpensive new bedding set online that coordinates with your choice!

  • Select a bolster. The Decor Whirl is available in two sizes:  Whirl XT and original Whirl.  If you have a king-size bed, two Whirl XTs will probably work best.  If you have a queen-size, one original Whirl ought to do the trick.  For full-size beds, one Whirl XT will look at home.  Bolsters are some of the most basic and useful positioning aids; they can be placed under the knees of the person on bottom, under the pelvis for rear entry positions, to support the neck during oral, and in many other positions.

  • Pick your throw pillows.This could be any combination depending on your preferences and needs.  For me, the logical choice would be to pick two Decor Stashe Pillows.  Not only will they look lovely side by side, but their hidden compartments store sex toys, lubes, and other goodies, making sex even more spontaneous and fun.

  • Decide on an accent pillow. Both the Heart Wedge and the Decor Wedge are spin-offs of the best-selling Liberator Wedge.  These slightly smaller versions still offer the perfect angle for G-spot penetration as the original, but their designs make them ideal accent pillows as well.  Romantics prefer the iconic heart symbol, while others appreciate the funky scalloped edges of the Decor Wedge.

  • Choose your Throe blanket. A blanket folded and placed at the foot of the bed is an ordinary bedding accessory.  But when that blanket is a Decor Fascinator Throe, the result is extraordinary.  This wetness-stopping blanket not only protects your sheets from liquids like the Original Fascinator Throes, but now it also comes in designer fabrics in coordinating satin and lush velvish.

  • Add a settee. If you have room at the foot of the bed, and money left over, why not add an Esse Chaise?  Not only is it currently the sole piece of Liberator Sex Furniturethat comes in the same colors and fabric as the Decor Series items (so that it will blend in with your decor), but it also makes sex amazing.  There are an endless amount of positions that can be performed on the Esse Chaise from standing, seated, and horizontal positions.  Having a piece of furniture in the bedroom that was made for sex is a surefire way to spark desire.

Setting the mood for sex makes it that much more spectacular.  It helps both partners to focus on each other and their pleasure.  It is a way to escape the mundane, and take you to a place unlike any other.


You can still light candles if you want.  And go ahead and sprinkle rose petals on the bedspread if you like.  But now that you room has been given a sexy new make-over, you won't have to.