Forgive me, I'm going to get a little controversial here.  It isn't meant to offend anyone, so if you are easily offended, and you just came here for some sex advice, please leave now.  Go ahead, click your back button or go back to perusing Facebook.


I've been a very spiritual person my entire life.  I've felt a connection with god and the sacred from the time I watched particles of dust dance in sunlight as a young child.  It's a deep part of who I am.  While I wouldn't' say I belong to a religion or follow a certain dogma, I have a connection to something greater than myself that is very important to me.  Perhaps you do to.


I am also a very sexual person.  I love exploring my sexuality.  I love being open about my sexuality.  I love watching my sexuality change throughout life.  I prefer to have sex with someone I love, someone that I feel connected to on a deep level. Perhaps you feel the same.


I do not see these two things as separate.


Someone posted this on my Facebook page:


"People believe that sexuality ties us to our biological purpose, whereas spirituality is supposed to represent everything beyond the physical. To blend them is like putting chocolate in peanut butter, they can't handle it until they have a taste."


At home I have a special room; it's an altar that represents the blending of sexuality and spirituality.   There is iconography from many spiritual traditions:  Buddhas, Mary Magdalene, Babaji, Goddesses, you name it.  And, there are also dildos, jade eggs, and erotic art.  When I make love with a partner to me it is a spiritual experience.


I was recently challenged by someone when I was sitting on a panel of erotic filmmakers at the Feminist Porn Awards.  He asked why I had to put Buddhas and Japanese fans in my videos.  He seemed angry and offended.  What struck me as strange about his question is that in the screening of a number of filmmakers films, we saw some really edgy stuff:  guns used as dildos, spitting on each other, a mother and daughter sharing a lover, intense bondage, and a scene with two queer women with a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall besides them as the slammed each other up against it.  I personally had no judgment of any of these images, especially in the context that they were used, but I thought it strange that with all that, what was offensive to him was my Buddhas.


Sex, for me, is a meditation.  Since I was 19, sex was a pathway to enlightenment.  While I have changed a lot since then and have found other reasons to enjoy my sexuality, I have always seen sex as a sacred act.  It is so strange to me that this concept is so hard for people to understand and embrace.  When I look into my lover's eyes, he is God.  It is an act of the divine.  I would much rather have Buddha in bed with me than a gun.


What do you think?  Does God, Goddess, Spirit, The Divine (or whatever your name for it is) belong in the bedroom?