RealTouch has found a way to take fantasies played out on computer screens in front of us and deliver it right to the male pleasure unit via the RealTouch Virtual Male Masturbator.


All contained in a handheld instrument of satisfaction, just plug the RealTouch into the provided computer adapter and let it do the work. The RealTouch synchronizes with the scene you’re watching. You feel every position change and every act. Every twitch your favorite actress makes on film is reciprocated directly to you. How does the RealTouch do it?


Two separate inner sleeves stroke and massage your penis to varying degrees. An orifice tightens and contracts depending on the chosen entry by the actors. Heating elements replicate the warmth of a woman (or man). And don’t worry. There’s no reason for you to even worry about applying your own lube. An automatic dispenser keeps a proper and realistic amount of lubrication flowing from inside the masturbator.


RealTouch is the perfect alternative for oral, vaginal and anal sex, complete with a dream partner that can be replaced by a stable of others from RealTouch’s ever-expanding archive. There’s not much more you could ask for.