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Black Label Esse Chaise

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Elegant design for kink enthusiasts.

The Esse Chaise is a functional work of art, and the Black Label version doubles the excitement. This is a statement piece that adds elegance to any room, and when desire stirs, this contemporary chaise becomes wildly erotic in a matter of moments. Use the 12 D-ring connectors located discreetly along the base to tie up your partner. The included headrest works at either end of the Esse Chaise, useful for raising up knees or adding 5” of height for standing and bending-over positions. The feel of the smooth faux leather feels delicious against naked skin, offers easy clean-up, and you’ll never have to worry about the mess when you lose yourself in passion.

  • Longer, narrower body and lower height allowing greater freedom of movement and ease for straddling. Ideal for those with shorter legs.
  • 12 D-ring connectors located along the base.
  • Provides full body support to improve and provide leverage for thrusting power.
  • Variety of positions available through stretching out, straddling, or sitting atop.
  • Headrest is included and has a non-slip rubber base.
  • Modern design makes the chaise inconspicuous.
  • Faux-leather cover feels lush against bare skin.
  • Removable, machine-washable cover with a moisture-resistant liner.
  • Customize with choice of adjustable velcro wrist, thigh, and ankle cuffs, blindfold, and tethers (sold separately).
  • For a harder bondage thrill, upgrade to our black buffalo leather wrist, thigh, and ankle cuffs.
  • Includes the Liberator Position Guide for inspiration.
  • Measurement in inches: 68L x 22W x 22H

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Delivered vacuum compressed - get details about our eco-friendly packaging and product setup tips.

SKU 10885
Brand Liberator
Material Microfiber
Fabric Details

Microfiber - original microfiber cover - 100% nylon

Cover Machine-washable faux leather
Liner Polyester
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 68 x 22 x 22
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box
Esse In the Press Esse In the Press

Questions on Black Label Esse Chaise

  • From John at 3/28/13 9:39 PM
    • what's the difference between Esse Chaise and Esse
    • There are MANY differences between those 2 products!
      1. Size
      a.Esse measures 64 Long x 24 wide x 24 high
      b. Esse Chaise measures 68 Long x 22 wide x 22 high
      2. The Dip in the center on the Esse allows more grinding on your partner, but might be too tight of a fit for some-which is why we manufactured the Chaise to accommodate those types.
      3. The Esse comes with a mini scoop (it is the center piece that leves out the dip) can be used all over the Esse to accomplish different positions.
      4. The chaise is offered in the Faux Leather for people that like to play with liquids, and can easily be cleaned by wiping it down.
      Hope this helps, and if you still have questions then please call customer service (770)-246-6422 extension #3 for Customer Service!
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  • From Mark at 4/20/13 10:02 PM
    • Does the Black Label Esse Chaise have an available stage that fits well (for use by taller users)? Also, does the Black Label Esse Chaise have a matching mini-scoop?
    • The Esse Chasie (black label or original label) does not have a stage with the item or mini scoop. This was part of the design to accommodate the shorter stature people. The headrest adds height on the back end, as well as in the middle-and comes with the purcahse now!
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Customer Reviews

Absolutely Magical!!!

by Sweetheart and Honey on October 30, 2013

Have to say that I have almost gone broke shopping at this site! And this is probably the best purchase ever! While some of the smaller toys get used more frequently, when used with this item it goes to a whole new level! We have always been passionate during our sessions of love making. But never realized that being supported and at the best angle could make that even better! Our first night using it she had at least 5 orgasms and when I finally joined her I darn near passed out! We weren't even tired. It was pretty much the best night of sex we have ever had. Best part is we are only getting started!!! Don't let the price detour you! It is so worth the money! Although describing the couch in your back seat to the officer that got you for speeding, priceless!!!

Love It

by Amanda on September 27, 2013

I've had my Chaise for over a year. Bought it at warehouse location. It is very comfortable. Sometimes I just relax in it to read. Easy to clean. The D-Rings hold up well to rough play.

Fun Fun and More Fun

by Kitty on January 9, 2013

Love the look, fair pricing, well made. Our freinds thought it was a cool piece of furniture. Does not look like what it really is used for!!!! LOVE IT

Absolutely BEST piece of Liberator furniture

by reviewsRme on January 9, 2013

We own EVERY piece of Liberator furniture (really) and this is BY FAR the best. It is especially great when placed on top of the stage. The standing positions for the male give complete, deep penetration with good access to the clitoris. Expensive yes but wow. High quality. Be sure you get the vinyl...easy cleanup.

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