Feb.1 Send a text detailing one of your favorite things about her Feb.2 Tickle His Fancy Feb.3 Do a chore your partner hates doing without being asked
Feb.4 Show your foxy side Feb.5 Do that thing in bed he's been asking for (as long your comfortable with it) Feb.6 Take a bath with hula beads
Feb.7 Share your food even if she said didn't want french fries Feb.8 Snuggle up with a fascinator Feb.9 Plant a kiss hime when he's not expecting it
Feb.10 Make magic with your wand Feb.11 Dance together even it's just in the kitchen Feb.12 Whip it good
Feb.13 Give her a back rub or foot massage Feb.14 Pucker up Feb.15 Take an interest in his interests
Feb.16 Discover toys for him Feb.17 Give your partner enthusiatic oral without asking for retribution Feb.18 Have your own sexy book club
Feb.19 Cook (or attempt) his favorite meal Feb.20 Get her warmed up Feb.21 Make a point to thank him when he does something for you
Feb.22 Have dessert Feb.23 Surprise him by joining him in the shower Feb.24 Flip out
Feb.25 Wear that sweater she thinks you look good in Feb.26 Have a play date Feb.27 Share an embarassing story from yoru childhood
Give her your un divided attention